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  • Uncharted at MCM London with Nolan North & Troy Baker

    On Saturday morning, I was part of the press room with Nolan North & Troy Baker, who came to MCM London to talk about their work on Uncharted 4. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged.

  • MCM London: Interview with Battlestar Galactica’s Jamie Bamber

    When you hear the name Jamie Bamber, you automatically think Battlestar Galactica. While the show has been over for years, its popularity is still very high. I attended a press room with Jamie Bamber at MCM London this weekend where he talked more in depth about his career and the show. Read our before commenting. […]

  • MegaCon Tampa Bay: A Successful First Year

    I’ve been to a lot of conventions, and I’ve hosted several first-year conventions. That said, MegaCon Tampa Bay was one of the best first year cons I’ve ever attended, which was honestly a pleasant surprise. MegaCon was added to the FanExpo brand not that long ago, and after attending (and not really enjoying) MegaCon Orlando […]

  • ClexaCon Promises Empowering Weekend for the LGBTQ+ Community

    From March 3-5 2017, LGBTQ+ fans, creators, and allies will gather in Las Vegas for ClexaCon, a convention aimed at connecting and empowering all those involved. ClexaCon was founded by a group of LGBTQ+ women who have backgrounds in everything from event planning to merchandising to team leadership. In the process of being added to […]