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  • Gishwhes 2016 Winners: Team Raised from Perdition

    Another Gishwhes season has passed and another winning team has been announced.  This year’s winning team is Raised from Perdition, who were also runners up in 2015. It’s become a tradition here at the Geekiary to chat with the winning Gishwhes teams each year.  In 2014 we chatted with a member of Team Impala and […]

  • Chelsea Cain Hounded Off Twitter After Feminist Mockingbird Cover

    Marvel writer Chelsea Cain left Twitter today amid a storm of viciously hateful messages. The abuse has been growing since Mockingbird appeared on the cover of her eighth comic wearing a shirt that reads “Ask me about my feminist agenda”. Cain stuck it out until this morning, when she officially deleted her Twitter account. No more […]

  • Marvel’s The Punisher Gets New Cast Members and a Release Update

    Netflix, beloved home of quality Marvel television, has just released the names of five new cast members for Marvel’s The Punisher. Some of these character descriptions technically qualify as spoilers. Read at your own peril. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the new players in Frank Castle’s world. Paul Schulze plays corrupt […]

  • New Gilmore Girls Trailer Brings Back All the Feels

    There have been several teases leading up to next month’s release of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, including months worth of reveals as to who would be returning (culminating in the one actor many fans questioned – that being Melissa McCarthy). But for me, it was the new Gilmore Girls trailer that […]