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  • Kawaii Kon: The King of Honolulu Geek Conventions

    It’s a fact: if you are a geek and live on Oahu, you probably look forward to Kawaii Kon every year. For many years, Kawaii Kon was the only game in town for residents of Oahu.  If you wanted to attend another convention, your only choice was to hop on a plane and leave the […]

  • Original Star Wars Trilogy Returning to Theaters This Summer

    Today Vanity Fair broke the news that Lucasfilm was planning on bringing the original Star Wars trilogy to a select number of movie theaters this summer. At first I looked at the current venue list and asked myself which one I could make it to, because even with all the additional crap, seeing Episodes IV, […]

  • New ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Reveals Unseen Footage!

    A new trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad live-action film was released during the MTV Music Awards. The trailer showed new footage to viewers and revealed a bit more about what to expect from a movie that has DC comic book villains as the main leads! Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our […]

  • Rogue One Merchandise Packaging Revealed Far in Advance of Force Friday

    Yesterday, the official Star Wars Instagram account posted the first picture of some Rogue One merchandise packaging, and I have to agree with them – it certainly looks powerful! Obviously we probably won’t see much (if any) Rogue One merchandise before Force Friday in September, but I’m excited that they released the trailer slightly earlier […]

  • “Undrafted” Eyes July Release Date

    Baseball fans, rejoice, because we have a tentative release date for Undrafted, and it’s earlier than I thought! Vertical Entertainment, which acquired the rights for Joe Mazzello’s semi-biographical directorial debut back in February, had announced via Facebook that they were aiming for a summer release date a couple of months ago. “We have ourselves a baseball comedy!” […]