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  • Secret Wars Comes to Marvel Future Fight!

    Not only has Secret Wars changed the face of Marvel’s comic book universe, it has also made its way into Marvel Future Fight. So, is the new content any good? Let’s find out! One of the best things I found about the Secret Wars update was the three new female characters introduced from A-Force. This […]

  • The Hugo Awards That Might Have Been

    The Hugo winners were announced this past weekend. The whole Puppies controversy led to this year’s awards receiving by far the most votes of any Hugo contest, a great deal of chatter in the blogosphere and Twitter and even traditional media. And the results were definitively not on the side of the Puppies. Others have […]

  • Destielcon 2015

    I got the happy chance to attend the second annual Destielcon, and it was just as glorious as the last – if not more! This year, like last year, the convention was filled with the promise of exciting fan-run panels, games, art, kindness and a dance party. Destielcon had some brilliant special guests, including the […]

  • Turning the Spotlight Around: An Interview with Captain Kyle

    My fellow cosplayer, Walking Dead fan, and Walker Stalker Con guru Kyle (a.k.a. “Captain Kyle“) recently published his first book, Elements of Cosplay…and tonight he’s following that up with the premiere of his webseries, “Captain Kyle’s Cosplay Spotlight”! I was treated to an early viewing of the first episode, and it was really enjoyable. The […]

  • Ten Minutes with Djimon Hounsou

    This past Sunday I was presented with the incredible opportunity to conduct a short phone interview with two-time Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou. He’s currently promoting the Robert Kirkman film AIR, which also stars Norman Reedus and will be released later this week (August 14th). I was also able to watch the film, so stay tuned […]