Binging on Mads Mikkelsen Films

You know how it is when you watch a new thing, find an actor that you really love, then marathon everything he’s ever done? Yeah, that happened to me with Mads Mikkelsen.

I haven’t been pulled into a fandom faster than I was with Hannibal. One week it was like “cannibalism? No thank you.” Then suddenly I was reblogging Will and Hannibal with flower crowns and comic sans captioned pictures and screaming ‘PLEASE HELP WILL GRAHAM’ all day long. I’m not quite sure what happened, but here we are.  I am a devoted fannibal.  But then an even more unexpected thing happened. Instead of becoming obsessed with the younger actor who plays the tragic protagonist, I started being drawn to the older Danish man playing the cannibalistic serial killer. Crazy, right?  Nothing against Hugh Dancy (he’s marvelous), but Mads just did something to me.

Once my obsession began I started looking at his films and ran across a few gifs from En Kort en Lang and I was started freefalling into this super intense film binge. My interest was piqued and there was no going back. The following are the results of that film binge, grouped into sets of three films each.  Happy watching!

Part I: En Kort en Lang, Bleeder, and Flammen og Citronen

Mads Mikkelsen

Part II: Pusher, Blinkende Lygter, Nu part2 Part III: Valhalla Rising, Adams Aebler, Vildspor mads3 Part IV: After the Wedding, Jagten (The Hunt), The Three Muskateers part4 Part V: Prag, Die Tur (The Door), Tom Merritt part5 Part VI: Open Hearts, Pusher II, The Caretaker part6