Will and Grace Season 9 Premiere Takes the Cast to the Oval Office in ’11 Years Later’

Will and Grace Reunion Will & Grace 11 Years Later Season 9

Will & Grace season 9 debuted this week, 11 years after the finale of season 8. The episode, titled ’11 Years Later,’ proved that the show still has a great sense of humor when it comes to being queer and politics.

The voting video that the cast made last year was what urged NBC to greenlight a continuation of the iconic series. So, it made sense for Will & Grace season 9 to speak about politics in the ’11 Years Later’ premiere episode. I get that there are some viewers who think that it was a bit too much. However, as far as I’m concerned, this show has always been political and should remain so.

Back in 1998, it dealt with the politics concerning queer lives in the US. This show has played its part in changing the minds of viewers regarding LGBTQ+ individuals. Now, in 2017, Will & Grace has another mission and that’s to remind people that queer lives still matter. Ignoring queer individuals isn’t going to ‘Make America Great Again,’ it’s just going to continue breeding hate.

’11 Years Later’ also assured viewers that the writers and cast still have what it takes to juggle humor and current politics. The show might become a bit less in-your-face with current events as it continues, but it needed to be the opposite of that in the premiere (and it was) to make a statement about where it will stand during the Trump presidency.

The season 9 premiere also did away with the season 8 finale by making it all a dream that Karen had. Erasing the finale makes sense as according to the creators they would never have had such a flashforward if they knew Will & Grace had the slightest chance of coming back.

Though I still want to see Will Truman and Grace Adler raise kids, I understand that the show had to go back to basics to ease the audience into reconnecting with the main characters. Maybe they will have kids in future seasons? Let’s see.

’11 Years Later’ brought the main cast to the White House. Will flirted with an anti-environmentalist congressman and Grace took on the job of redecorating the Oval Office. However, by the end of the episode, they both understood that they were wrong to align themselves with the side that was against what they believed in. Protesting is tough!

Jack’s amazing as always in the episode. I’ve missed him. The chemistry between the main cast is still there and has gotten better. I can’t wait to see where Will & Grace season 9 goes from here.

What did you think of ’11 Years Later’? Are you looking forward to more Will & Grace? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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