Batman: The Telltale Series “The Enemy Within” Episode 4 “What Ails You” Review

Batman Telltale Series The Enemy Within Episode 4 What Ails You Review
Batman: The Telltale Series ‘The Enemy Within’ Episode 4 What Ails You

‘What Ails You,’ the fourth episode in Batman: The Telltale Series ‘The Enemy Within,’ focused on John Doe nearing his Joker persona while Bruce tried to help his troubled friend. We also got to know a bit more about Amanda Waller’s plans.

I was provided a review copy of Batman: The Telltale Series The Enemy Within. The opinions are my own.

‘What Ails You,’ while being the shortest episode yet (clocking in at around 70 minutes), was very plot heavy. It had a lot of interactions involving Bruce and the rest of the characters, clearing the playground for the final confrontation that’ll probably be Batman v Joker.

Episode 4 picked up right where the series left Bruce in Episode 3. It then rushed into a beautifully choreographed fight sequence as Bruce and Catwoman teamed up to take down The Pact. I was a bit disappointed that Batman was able to defeat Bane so quickly, after being shown as a powerful threat in the previous episodes, but the rest of the events in Episode 4 made up for it. ‘What Ails You’ served as a character study, allowing the players to dive into John Doe’s troubled mind.

One of the things I enjoy about ‘The Enemy Within’ is how the story is able to make players feel sorry for John. We know that he’ll end up becoming the Joker, but Bruce doesn’t. This allows us to see Bruce act as a friend to John, trusting him to do the right thing. Will it work? We’ll find out in the fifth and final episode.

‘What Ails You’ also brought Waller’s intentions to light. You can try to be helpful, but working with Amanda always leads to a weird feeling telling you she can’t be fully trusted. She’s clearly keeping things from Bruce and that’s why I’m looking forward to seeing her role in the finale. Also, the way she understood the personal reasons each member of The Pact wanted the dangerous virus came across as seeds that might help open the door to the Suicide Squad.

Catwoman was also present in ‘What Ails You’, and if you’ve been reading my reviews you’d know that she and Bruce are my OTP. While I enjoyed the two teaming up, I was hoping to see a lot more of her. Maybe she’ll come to help in the finale? Fingers crossed.

The main message, which I think ‘The Enemy Within’ will help Bruce realize, is that even Batman needs friends. Alfred is certainly not young enough to shoulder the burden. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiffany Fox ends up becoming Batman’s first Robin or even Batgirl.

What did you think of Batman: The Telltale Series ‘The Enemy Within’ Episode 4 ‘What Ails You’? Are you excited about the finale? Let us know.

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