Walmart DC Exclusive Comics Are Coming to Your Local Comic Stores!

Walmart DC exclusive comicsLast year, a series of massive, 100-page Walmart DC exclusive comics started hitting shelves in the United States. The books started selling out quickly, often forcing fans to order them online or drive to several stores to ensure they got a copy. Now, at long last, the books will be available at local comic stores!

The news snuck out last month, but today Gail Simone (who’s on the Flash team for this series) confirmed on Twitter that we can all get a look at the Walmart DC exclusive comics even if we don’t live near the big-box retailer.

walmart dc exclusive comics
Honestly, these are so much fun, and at $5 you don’t feel bad eating while reading them. Mine may have cereal stains.

DC tested releasing mini-series from the collection, but the full books were limited to Walmart (and some also to Targets, though I personally haven’t seen them there). You basically have to show up on delivery day and hope there are some left.

If you’re not familiar, these books are actually incredibly good value for comics fans. They feel like a treasure from the past, updated for the now. There’s a mix of classic arcs modern readers might not have read and new stories from some of the best names in comics. I’m not using that phrase casually. You can read new material from Tom King, Brian Michael Bendis, and- oh yeah- Gail Simone, who we at The Geekiary stan forever.

There are several titles, with more in the works. Right now you can get The Flash, Batman, Superman, Justice League, Teen Titans, and Swamp Thing. The Flash #1 will be available next month, which is just awesome. Gail Simone told new readers what to expect:

Real talk, these books are so good I willingly walk into a Walmart to buy them. I’ve literally gone twenty minutes out of my way to a nameless convenience store for groceries rather than shop at a Walmart but my will failed against these. Words cannot express how relieved I am that I can just update my pull list and feel semi-ethical again. (Plus, there are a few early books that I haven’t been able to track down, so it’s highly convenient that those will be the first ones to come out.)

There is a downside, of course. Walmart and Target will still get the books first, by a significant amount. If you’ve been collecting them already you might have to keep staking out the endcaps and memorizing shipping schedules. Everyone else, just set up a standing order at your local comic shop and you’re good to go.

Have you read any of the Walmart DC exclusive comics? Which are your favorite, and which would you like to see added in the future? Let us know in the comments section!


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