And The Fangirls Rejoiced: There’s A New Age Of Ultron Trailer


Unless you had some kind of horrible power outage, you’ve probably already seen the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer that fans worked so tirelessly to unlock today. The trailer was supposed to premiere on Thursday, then Marvel announced that the trailer would be available online a full day early if everyone used the hashtag #AvengersAsemble. Naturally everyone did this because we are all slaves to our Disney masters, and we love it! Why? Because we got the trailer and it was AWESOME! Don’t believe me? Check out what the fangirls have been capslocking about for hours!

*finds quiet room with Wi-Fi*


*slips into custom-made Cap suit* *

cues up new Age of Ultron trailer*

*cries for long minutes* – @bimadew 

At first everyone was like “AHHHHH this is amazing” because we’re starved for any footage of our faves. But after we calmed down a little everything became a bit clearer. Although most of the screaming continued it just became more specific… especially in regard to Hawkguy Hawkeye.

aou-gif1Image source: nataliasbarton

Judging by my social media feeds, the next Avengers trailer should just be 3 minutes of Clint Barton relaxing at his secret farm. – @Hello_Tailor 

(I notice Hawkeye STILL HAS NO WORDS) Mind, it’s okay, just carry on wandering round in the sleveless leather, Clint #Avengers – @annejhobson

I hope they spend like half of the movie at Clint’s farm, but I fell it’s odd .. he seems conspicuously absent from all of the shots there, and actually , from that whole trailer… idk. –

[sees 0.3 second scene of clint barton in new age of ultron clips] ohhhhh my gOD OH My gOD oh my GOD OH MY GOd there he is mY SON MY SON DID yOU SEE mY SON HE IS THERE LOoK AT MY SON – clintbartooon.tumblr

Really though, who can blame them? I love Clint Barton so much and I am 100% behind the idea of a whole movie about all the Avengers just hanging out at his farm. The only thing that would make it better would be if Kate Bishop turned up because she does that.

Aside from Hawkeye, the fangirls (myself included) were very concerned about poor Steve Rogers. Who’d have thought that the macho symbol of muscled patriotism would turn out to be a fangirl fave, but that’s what happened and now we’re very attached.


Good to see old “I got no plans tomorrow night” because-all-my-friends-are-dead Rogers is back (><) – @AnnoyingBrook

Captain America continues to be perfect, hilarious, and flaaawless. – @ro_mm_ck

I’m not allowed to screech STEVE and roll down the stairs while rending my garments at work but please know I’m doing it in my heart – @ohkaywhatever

The person in the car is falling. Steve literally has the car in his hand, it’s not enough, and they fall. I’d throw in a comment about Bucky, but y’all are thinking it anyway. How often do you think Steve Rogers dreams about the people he cannot save? – cornmouse.tumblr 

And of course there is always much discussion surrounding Natasha Romanoff – and it’s not just about the fact that we all want a Black Widow movie already.

“i was trying to save the world.” “well, you amazingly failed.” natasha romanov reads a short poem entitled “the entire MCU in a nutshell” – @kadymorrison

was that brucenat scene necessary @joss what are you doing – natasharomanoff.tumblr 


Oh yeah, apparently there’s something romantic happening between Bruce and Natasha, please discuss. Also VISION!

aougif2Image Source: inhumanvision

Everyone else was just trying to gif the whole trailer as quickly as possible. And they succeeded. Damn those fangirls work fast.

Okay tumblr, I need every second of the new Ultron trailer giffed and on my desk by midnight. – @snazdoll




aougif6Image Source: farmerboyclint

So there you have it. What do you think of the latest trailer? Do you really think that Natasha and Bruce are going to get romantic? Were you excited to see Vision? Did you tweet like a madman to get the trailer unlocked? Let us know in the comments.

Author: Undie Girl

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