The Scarlet Witch Movie Rumors Are Flying. Let’s Discuss!

Scarlet Witch Movie Rumors

When I wrote my wild MCU speculation post yesterday, I wasn’t truly a believer that a Scarlet Witch movie was going to happen.  I’m still not entirely convinced, but I’m ready to go all in anyway.  I’m in denial, okay?

The Scarlet Witch has been hugely popular with MCU fans.  So popular, in fact, that the people I see defending her actions from Multiverse of Madness on social media seems to dramatically outrank those that brush her off as a ‘villain.’  Sure, my sample size for this statistic is just the people I follow and whatever the social media algorithms decide to show me, so it may not mean much beyond a simple anecdote, but it’s a vibe I’m feeling nonetheless. 

I’ve been a firm believer that Wanda wasn’t actually dead at the end of Multiverse of Madness. I’ve believed that since I first saw it in theaters, but I wasn’t sure if or when they’d bring her back.  Now the rumor mill seems confident that her return will be through a solo film project.  Maybe they’re right?  Let’s fall down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole and become Scarlet Witch movie believers!

No Body, No Death

If we don’t see a body, the character isn’t actually dead.  That’s just a fact.  Well, okay, sometimes they are dead, but this is still a very intentional move to keep the possibility of her returning somehow.  It keeps the plausible deniability alive.

Writers tend to do this a lot, especially in comic book franchises.  This is knowns as the First Law of Resurrection, or ‘comic book death.”  Emperor Palpatine is probably one of the most notable recent examples of this, but it happens all the time.  If any writers wants to bring Scarlet Witch back, the door is very much left open for them to do so.

Per TV Tropes:

It doesn’t matter how Deader Than Dead or Killed Off for Real that character is, they’ll find a way to return. Much handwaving may be required to explain it (if they don’t leave it unexplained), but anything is possible with a bit of Foreshadowing thrown in.

Also known as “comic book death” because comic books are especially known for taking place in long-spanning continuities where Death Is Cheap.

If it’s not a fake death, we also need to consider that this is a multiverse.  A different Wanda could very well step in, just like a Loki variant did.  A Natasha variant is off living in a universe that isn’t hers, too.  The precedent for this has been established.

Elizabeth Olsen is Enthusiastic in Interviews

Journalists can’t stop asking Elizabeth Olsen about this, and I can’t really blame them for it.  She apparently knows nothing about Scarlet Witch’s return, but has encouraged fans to keep asking about it.  She has requested for us to “”Keep spreading rumors and maybe they’ll hire [her] again.”  Okay, Elizabeth Olsen, I am doing as you requested.  Hope this helps.

We have to remember, though, that MCU actors have to lie in interviews all the time.  There’s no winning here.  They either tell the truth and face the wrath of Feige, or have to pretend to know nothing.  In this case, if she is coming back, she’s taking the ‘I know nothing’ route.  But it’s an ‘I know nothing’ with a dash of ‘please keep talking about it.’  It’s an interesting position for sure.

It’s clear she very much wants to return.  An actor being enthusiastic about a character is essential when it comes to bringing back a character, so we’re good on that front.  The other factor in the equation if Feige, who will be tight lipped as long as he wants to.  San Deigo Comic-Con would be a great place to announce it, though. I’m just sayin’.

Wanda in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
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Random Rumor from Twitter

A random Twitter user has speculated that there will be a Scarlet Witch movie, and articles are reporting on it accordingly.  How much weight can we give this? Honestly, not much. I have no idea who runs that account or who their source is.  They seem quite confident, though.  So hey, why not? Let’s believe them.

What is Believing a Random Twitter Rumor if not Fandom Denial persevering? 

Marvel Producer Hints at More Scarlet Witch

Marvel Producer Richie Palmer has hinted at a Scarlet Witch project in the future:

“If Doctor Strange is the anchor of the MCU of Phase 4, then Wanda Maximoff is the jewel in the crown.”

Of course, it’s possible he’s only referring to WandaVision and Multiverse of Madness, but shush.  Just let us believe he means there’s more for her.  At the very least, this is some hopeful energy from someone other than a random Twitter user.  Surely you wouldn’t ditch the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Phase Four after just two appearances, right? Right?

Contract Rumors

There’s been rumors floating around for months that Elizabeth Olsen has signed a contract for further Marvel Studios projects.  That contract is apparently for a seven year period.  This is plenty of time for a solo project to emerge.  Hell, it’s a lot more time than needed by, like, five years.  She could have her own trilogy in that time.  At the pace we’re going, we’ll probably be on Phase Six or Phase Seven by the time her contract is up.

Discussing Film isn’t always reliable, so be cautious with this tidbit of information.  They also said Ashley Olsen was going to be in Multiverse of Madness, and that clearly didn’t happen.  It’s certainly a step up from a random Twitter user for sure.  Still, it’s track record on leaks has errors so take it with a grain of salt.

Wait, I’m supposed to be making the case for the solo project right? Disregard my warning.  Discussing Film is clearly correct.  Remember, the Fandom Denial is persevering in this article.  Keep the hope alive!

Conclusion: We’re Getting a Scarlet Witch Film

With the evidence I’ve submitted here today, how can you refute that we’re getting a Scarlet Witch film?  You can’t.  My job here is done.

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