Let’s Wildly Speculate About SDCC 2024 MCU Hall H Stuff

picture of hall h main stage at sdcc with the mcu panel on the stage. the phase iv timeline is behind them on the screen
MCU Phase 4 details at SDCC 2019 (Image: @TheGeekiary)

San Diego Comic-Con 2024 is almost upon us and it’s time to wildly speculate about what might pop up in Hall H from the MCU.  If anything. 

Will the MCU definitely be there?

No. We don’t know that yet. The official schedule is released two weeks before the convention.  The schedule for Saturday will be released exactly two weeks prior, on Saturday July 13th.  Studios do start to talk about what they’re bringing before that, but who says what and how much they reveal can vary wildly. It’s simply too early to tell. 

So why write the article if you don’t know anything for sure?

Because it’s fun to speculate.  You remember fun, right? That thing you pursue because it gives you the good brain chemicals. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s that like in our hellish nightmare world, but that’s what I’m all about here right now.  Don’t let any unconfirmed rumors get you down or get you too hyped this early. Just enjoy the guesses and take the confirmed news as it comes. 

I’ve been attending San Diego Comic-Con since 2011 and a devoted Saturday Hall H attendee since 2016, so I enjoy tossing guesses out there and seeing how it lines up later.  Join me, will you?  Let’s get wild…

Deadpool and Wolverine 
July 24, 2024

Deadpool and Wolverine is a weird one.  The film’s opening weekend coincides with the convention itself, which hasn’t happened before quite like this.  The Captain America: The First Avenger film came out during the convention in 2011, but they didn’t have a Hall H presence that year.  Both the MCU and the reputation Hall H would develop were just starting to form at that time.  Other MCU July releases came before or just after the convention (both of the first Ant-Man movies, Spider-man: Homecoming, and Thor: Love & Thunder).  So basically, we don’t have a precedent for this yet.

My guess would be that they’ll have a presence at the con, but perhaps not a panel presentation.  It might be weird having a panel when the audience is mixed between those who have and have not seen the film. Then again, promotion for films still tends to go pretty hard through opening weekend, so it’s possible that’ll simply be an aspect of that.

But if they do have a panel, I’d keep my fingers crossed for some sort of special screening for those in attendance somehow.  I’m thinking like the surprise Star Wars concert back in 2015, but with a full screening of the film.  Or, hell, I’ll take a physical ticket I can use at my leisure, too.  I’m down for another Feige baseball cap, though.  That man sure loves his swag hats.

Verdict: Maybe.  I don’t know.  It’s hard to say.

Agatha All Along
September 28th, 2024

Agatha Harkness in "Previously On"
Agatha Harkness is burned at the stake.

This WandaVision spinoff is the next project coming down the pipeline after Deadpool, so it seems likely it would be at the convention in some significant way.  In fact, it’s the only confirmed thing between Deadpool and when Captain America: Brave New World comes out in February.  If Marvel Studios shows up at all, this, Daredevil, and the next two moves are what I’d bank on them bringing more than anything.  I expect a trailer, in fact.  And merchandise.  A lot of merchandise.

The cast is also incredibly fun.  Between Kathryn Hahn, Aubrey Plaza, and Joe Locke, there would no doubt be a lot of entertaining moments that’d build up some hype.  There’s already been a pretty good social media hype game going on with all the title change shenanigans, but the cast can definitely add to it in the months leading up to it by being part of the presentation.

Verdict: Most Likely

Captain America: Brave New World
February 14th, 2025

The advertising for this one is already kicking off.  There are Happy Meal toys and everything out there already.  Principal filming is already complete and they’ll likely even have reshoots and pick up shots mostly done before July.  They’d almost certainly have enough polished footage for a teaser trailer by the time the con comes around, even if it’s perhaps too early for a full blown trailer. 

I expect to see this one splashed all over the convention beyond just being at the potential panel, too.  The character will certainly be on the lamppost banners, and maybe even have banners dedicated to the film in and of itself.  I’d bank on that happening even if they don’t have a panel.  That’s certainly happened before when Marvel Studios didn’t show up to Hall H, so there is a precedent. 

Verdict: Most Likely

Daredevil: Born Again
March 2025

Daredevil in Ribbit and Rip It
Daredevil (Charlie Cox) in “Ribbit and Rip It.”

The hype for this one has been sustained longer than things that come out even before it.  The Daredevil fans have been begging for the MCU to bring this back, and they’re finally getting their wish.  Whether it’ll live up to all their hopes and dreams remains to be seen (let’s be real, that’s perhaps too high a bar for anything to achieve). 

It’s mostly filmed, it’s in post-production, and it’s coming at us quick.  So, in short, if Marvel Studios is going to be there, this one should be a key part of the line up.  I expect an enthusiastic Charlie Cox and deafening screams from the audience in response.

Verdict: Most Likely

May 5th, 2025

Like Captain America, Thunderbolts* has a lot of material to show at the con already, and will probably have all the principal filming done by July.  It’s only a few months behind the other film so everything I said for that one is true for this one, too.  This is the last convention they’ll have to promote this movie.

I’m excited about this film, but it doesn’t have as much positive buzz as some of the others quite yet.  San Diego Comic-Con can be just the thing to turn that around.  Show us a sizzle real, maybe.  Get the cast talking.  Give us something to get us through the wait.

Verdict: Most Likely

Fantastic 4
July 25, 2025

From here on, things get a lot more difficult to predict.  This one in particular is hard to make a guess on because of the tight filming window between now and then.  They’ve got most of the main casting complete, but filming hasn’t begun yet, even though there will only be a year between the con and when the film is scheduled to come out. Honestly, I almost predict this film being pushed back, but that’s just a wild guess (even more wild than all the rest of this article).  A year is a pretty tight turn around in production for a Marvel Studios project.

If they do bring it, it would likely be an incredibly small segment of the presentation.  Perhaps bring the cast out, hype it up, and maybe make a couple more casting reveals.  There certainly won’t be anything substantial to show.  But hey,  I hope they do bring it, because Pedro Pascal is always incredibly entertaining.  Just letting him be himself on stage in front of a few thousand nerds might be enough to keep the hype rolling for a year, actually.

Verdict: Maybe

November 7th, 2025

There is literally nothing to show and very little news to talk about.  The script has gone through several rewrites and is scheduled for even more.  I don’t foresee any big casting news on the horizon either.  I have extreme doubts it’ll be at the convention in any significant way, especially as part of a Hall H panel presentation. 

That said, this entire article is guesswork so I could be wrong.  There just hasn’t been anything new other than rewrites for literally years and rewrite news doesn’t lend itself to flash Hall H presentations.  But watch it show up and be a headliner now just to prove me wrong.  That would be my luck, wouldn’t it?

Verdict: Probably Not


Unlike Blade, this one does have a lot to show.  It began filming several years ago but we really haven’t seen anything from it.  Not even a tease.  I’m incredibly curious about what’s going on with this one, and for that reason I think it has an even higher chance than Blade does of showing up.  I feel like they’ve been letting this languish in various stages of post-production (though I don’t think they’re entirely done with production itself, either).  Honestly, the way they’re going about making this one seems weird to me and it makes doing any sort of guesswork based on established timelines of other productions incredibly difficult.

Verdict: Maybe

Avengers 5
May 1st, 2026

This one needs more news circulating in thew world now that the plan has clearly been changed.  Will this end up being a Young Avenger film?  Or will that be something in a later phase or a show? Since this one has opened up and will no longer be the planned Kang Dynasty thing (as far as we can tell, anyway), it’d be a great spot for it.  But hey, maybe that story needs more time to cook up.  Who knows.

Either way, bringing this and establishing a more firm release schedule would be a great opportunity.  I think news about it would be incredibly probable.  A story, perhaps.  Or a new title. Confirmed team lineup.  Something. Anything.  They need to turn the narrative around from “scrapping an Avengers film due to actor misconduct” to “new exciting Avengers film announced!” And they need to do it soon.

Verdict: Probably

Other Random Possibilities

Giancarlo Esposito has been cast in something that he said we “won’t predict.”  Is it something from one of the above properties?  Something new? I don’t think it’s Kang.  We’ve seen a lot of names for potential Kang replacements and he hasn’t been on it.  That would also be predictable.  So what could it be?  I’d put money on something X-Men related, personally.

Speaking of X-Men, we’re more than likely going to discuss it at the panel in some aspects.  First of all, Deadpool & Wolverine will open the door for general discussion.  It’ll be the newest thing, so it makes sense, you know? But beyond that, even, there are more details running in and out of the MCU at this point that it’s almost unavoidable to at least casually mention them.  Will we have more details about an actual Marvel Studios X-Men film? Don’t know.

We also have a Vision series in the works, but I don’t think they’d have much to say about it yet.  With one WandaVision spinoff almost certainly being a headliner for this panel already, though, if this is discussed at all it’ll probably be fairly minor.  Maybe they’d fly Paul Bettany out to walk on stage and that’s it.  Honestly, wouldn’t surprise me.  But it won’t be more than that.

We also haven’t heard anything about Eyes of Wakanda or Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man despite them both being mentioned in various places around the Internet as part of the 2024 Disney+ line up.  This would be a great place to tell us more about these projects, if they’re really scheduled to come out by the end of the year.  Though it’s possible the latter would be part of Marvel Animation and not part of the Marvel Studios presentation, since they seem to be trying to separate these things out now.

In conclusion…

Marvel Studios has a lot to promote, and a lot of narratives in the media that it needs to reign in before things because even more overwhelmingly negative.  This will be a weird convention due to the timing of some of these projects, but San Diego Comic-Con is always a surprise in one way or another and they have a great chance to get on top of things for them. 

This should be a great con regardless of the line up.  I do hope they bring they’re best content, though, because I feel like we still haven’t gotten back into the swing of things since 2019.  In the words of Deadpool, “Let’s F*#&ing Go!”

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