Super Bowl LV – ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Trailer

Falcon and the Winder Soldier Poster

We’re now on year number two of having a The Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer during the Super Bowl, because we’ve been trapped in a void of despair for the past year.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was scheduled to be released on Disney+ in August 2020, but Ms. Rona had other plans, and it’s now scheduled for a March 19th, 2021 release. The production was almost complete when the world got shut down, but after taking a break and getting a handle on the situation, production resumed in Prague with strict measures in place to keep the cast and crew safe. And now that the production is finally completed, we’ve got a new trailer.


The trailer was even better than last year!  I absolutely cannot wait.

It feels like I’ve been waiting for this one forever. Of all the things that got delayed in 2020, this one pained me the most. You see, I stan Sebastian Stan. I’m a Sebastian Stan Stan, if you will. I absolutely adore Bucky and yes, I ship Stucky, too. While half of this OTP has gracefully exited the MCU, at least I get to keep the Bucky half of the equation, and look forward to the angst that comes with him losing his best ‘friend’ (boyfriend) in the last Avengers film. I have no doubt there will be angst.

Bucky and Sam are also a great comedic duo, though, so even with my ship sunk to the bottom of the sea, this series has a lot to offer in its own right. The two of them are very different in personality, but mesh together so well. The ‘can you move your seat up‘ scene in Captain America: Civil War was ICONIC. The actors have great chemistry together, too. 

So basically, I’m looking forward to everything about this series. I can’t wait for this long long wait to finally be over.

The series is expected to balance humor along with heavy political themes, which is something the MCU has historically done fairly well. The Captain America branch of characters are particularly good at striking a balance between these two moods, and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds without Cap as the focal point. In an interview with FilmSpeak, composer Henry Jackson explained the tone as follows

In this particular series, there’s very much serious issues, now more than ever, about what it means to hold [Captain America’s] shield and what kind of a person should ultimately be holding that shield, and with the history of this country, and how African Americans would feel about being Captain America or not. It’s still entertaining, but it touches on less comfortable things that give rise to some really impressive performances. It’s a great balance of entertainment and writing around more weighty issues.

The series is part of MCU’s Phase Four and will consist of six episodes. It stars Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan in the titular roles, along with Daniel Brühl, Emily VanCamp. and Wyatt Russell.  Also, apparently Don Cheadle? Awesome! I will not say no to more War Machine. Bring it!

Author: Angel Wilson

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