Let’s Wildly Speculate About Marvel Studios Hall H Appearances

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MCU Phase 4 details at SDCC 2019 (Image: @TheGeekiary)

Since Marvel Studios confirmed that they’d be having a Hall H panel this year, it’s basically all I can think about. What, exactly, are they going to bring?

Marvel Studios in Hall H is my primary interest at San Diego Comic-Con and I absolutely cannot shut up about it. Genuinely, I’m starting to annoy my friends. Sorry! So instead of just randomly pestering my friends with wild speculation, I’m going to compile all my thoughts into an article. Because I have a lot of thoughts and surely someone out there wants to know about it!

For those of you who enjoy this sort of thing, I invite you to come wildly speculate with me. Seriously. Get wild! Did I miss something on this list? Do you have a really weird idea about something they might bring? This is the place to toss those ideas out! I want to hear everything.

Practically Guaranteed Hall H Appearances

These projects are all pretty straightforward. If any of them are left off the panel, I will be absolutely shocked. That said, without an official lineup, I do want to include a disclaimer that these are just practically guaranteed. Until they actually walk out on stage, anything can happen.


Since She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is plastered all over San Diego with their convention banners, I would be surprised if they left this one at home. It premieres on August 17th, just a month after SDCC, so it makes logical sense. 

I’ve heard two separate rumors that bolster this speculation. Now keep in mind that I don’t like spreading rumors, but there will be a couple of them on this list. I will always precede these bits with a disclaimer that they are RUMORS. In this specific case, I’ve heard Mark Ruffalo has plans to attend. Since he’s terrible at keeping secrets, it’s reasonable to assume that he told someone he was coming to the con. Now that tidbit is working its way through the rumor mill.

The second bit of rumor that came my way came from someone who was proven wrong about something else, so I’m a little less inclined to give it weight. The person that past me this rumor said there wasn’t going to be a Hall H panel, but that they were planning on heavily pushing She-Hulk in other ways. And, well, there is going to be a Hall H panel, so oops? But I think the ‘heavily promoting She-Hulk’ thing is accurate. It’s already begun.

Black Panther Okoye DanaiBlack Panther: Wakanda Forever

This will be the first major MCU film after the convention. It’s currently scheduled to be released on November 11th. Due to this, I’m guessing it’ll be included in the panel in some fashion, but I’m not sure exactly to what extent.

I don’t think they’ll have enough content for a full trailer this early (though I could be wrong!) but I do think it’s possible they’ll bring some footage. Then again, with all the filming delays, I’m not sure they’ll even have that. Hard to say. If I was placing a bet, though, I’m guessing they’ll bring footage.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (+ Holiday Special & I Am Groot)

Guardians of the Galaxy has three (possibly four?) projects lined up.  First, I Am Groot, will be releasing on Disney+ on November 11th, which is before She-Hulk. Next is the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special. Then the third installment of the franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3, due out May 25th, 2023. Then there’s a mysterious Halloween project, which we know almost nothing about right now. I’m not saying for sure that it’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but it’s a possibility.  

Oh, also James Gunn tweeted about SDCC.

Very Likely Hall H Appearances

This section will cover the projects I think are likely, but could very well be left behind for various reasons. Of all the sections, this one is most reliant on my gut feelings and not any solid information. You could easily bump any of these up to ‘almost guaranteed’ or down to ‘possible’ with your own reasoning.

Fantastic Four Casting & Release Date

I know I’m being incredibly bold putting this under ‘very likely,’ but I feel it in my bones. The announcement of a Fantastic Four movie was one of the biggest developments from the 2019 Hall H panel. Since then it’s been practically radio silent on anything involving the project. Basically, all we know is that Jon Watts won’t be doing it. Beyond that, we basically have nothing but speculation.

It’s exactly because of this radio silence that I suspect they’ll do some big reveals. The silence is suspicious. Toss in the fact that they had Reed Richards in Multiverse of Madness, and it feels like it’s something that’s very much in progress behind the scenes. I don’t, however, think they’ll keep John Krasinski in the role. We’ll see though.

Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania

This is scheduled to come out on February 23rd, before Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3. The only reason I put it in the ‘very likely’ instead of ‘practically guaranteed’ category is due to that James Gunn tweet. Had he not tweeted that, I’d have placed Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 in this category as well.  

Everything slated for next Spring is very likely to be at the convention, but whether they’ll have anything significant to bring this early will determine how big of a presence they’ll have. It seems this film has had two different filming schedules. The first began last summer at Pinewood Studios and wrapped in November. The second segment of filming supposedly started filming in May and will go through ‘late 2022.’ 

I’m not sure why it’s being filmed in two chunks, but things have been weird during the pandemic, actors are busy, and this film is expected to tie into numerous other MCU projects (Loki, at the very least). I think they’ll be at the panel, but I’m just not sure to what extent.

Secret Invasion

They’ve been so secretive about this project, but since ‘secret’ is in the title, should we even be surprised? Much like Fantastic Four, it’s the silence about it that makes me think they’ll be bringing it. Also, like Quantumania, this one is being filmed in numerous chunks, some of which have wrapped. There’s no release date scheduled, though, so I’m incredibly curious about what’s going on with this one.

Possible Hall H Appearances

These are projects I don’t actually think will be at the convention, but would be absolutely thrilled to be wrong about. All of these projects deserve some hype, but they are too far in the future for me to think they’ll be at the 2023 convention in any significant way. That said, they could always reveal casting or crew details that haven’t been made public, so who knows!

destined review ms marvel episode 3

The Marvels

This one is scheduled for release on July 28th, 2023, which means there will be another San Diego Comic-Con between us and the film. Due to that, I’m not going to bank on this one showing up to a significant extent. I suspect they’ll hold back until SDCC 2023.  They may, however, show up to tease it. You know, just for fun!


Like, Fantastic Four and Secret Invasion, this one has been fairly quiet in the way of news. It’s possible they will bring it, but I’m thinking that it’ll be a 2023 thing. I have zero evidence for why I’m placing this one in ‘possible’ and Fantastic Four and Secret Invasion in ‘likely.’ This is purely a gut feeling placement. I’ll be discussing this one more in the ‘wild stuff’ segment, though, so keep reading!

Thunderbolts Project

This one was originally placed as a ‘longshot,’ but then they announced a director a couple weeks back. I’ve now bumped it up to ‘possible.’ I’m very excited for this one and really hope more news is forthcoming.  

Captain America 4

I’m actually getting quite annoyed at the complete lack of news for the new Captain America film. They gave Sam Wilson the shield and then just stopped discussing it. Hopefully, that’ll change at SDCC, but I’m getting a little worried about this one. As such, I’m putting it under ‘possible.’

Shang-Chi 2

The first Shang-Chi was fairly recent, so I don’t expect much news. That said, it’s always possible they’ll come ready to hype this. I feel kind of bad for this franchise. The pandemic has done it absolutely no favors here.


They announced this series, and then not much else happened. Alaqua Cox was absolutely phenomenal, though, so I hope they want to hype this up a bit more.

Agatha House of Harkness

Like Echo, this was announced and then went sort of silent. Hopefully, they bring it and hype it up a bit.  We’re all very eager for it!

The Rumors

This section is reliant on RUMORS. Remember how I said I’d warn of rumors heavily before speaking about them? Well, this is your warning. Now let’s talk about them.

Scarlet Witch in Ep 108 "Previously On"

Scarlet Witch Film

This rumor comes to us from a random Twitter user. Some outlets are running with the idea, though. Make of it what you will. 

I personally don’t think Wanda is dead (no body, no death), so I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back with her own project. That said, this is just some random person on Twitter, so I’m not counting on it as a guarantee just yet. Would be super cool, though!

Nova Cast Announcement

A couple of friends who have their ears far closer to the ground than I do have told me Nova will have some major announcements at the panel. This news could very possibly casting choices, and the actors could be present. As this rumor was handed off to me privately, I can’t really link to anything to back it up. As such, it is going to remain under the ‘rumor’ category for the time being. 

You can absolutely write off anything I’ve said about Nova since I can’t back it up. And, you know what? You probably should. Don’t get too excited just yet.


I was debating putting this in the ‘wild stuff’ category instead of ‘rumors,’ but the rumors about this are persistent. One of them already came true with Spider-Man: No Way Home, so perhaps they’ll finally start telling us some stuff about his new solo project. We all very much love Charlie Cox and he loves us back. So let’s just give us all what we want, yeah?

Longshot Hall H Appearances

This section will have all the stuff that’s scheduled to happen in the future of the MCU, but that I don’t personally think will have a presence at the panel. If they do show up, I’ll be delighted and surprised! If they don’t, though, I expect news at SDCC 2024 or possibly D23.


We haven’t heard too much about this one. It’s currently filming and doesn’t have a release date yet. I feel this is one that they’ll hold for 2023. This is another ‘gut feeling’ thing.

Armor Wars

Here’s another RUMOR WARNING. People believe it’s scheduled to film in October of this year. I can’t independently confirm this without a very pricey subscription to Production Weekly, but if it wasn’t listed as such, someone probably would have called them out on this by now. Am I putting too much faith in my fellow man? Probably.

Loki Season 2 Updates

The second season of Loki is currently filming at Pinewood Studios. I would absolutely love to see Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson with my own eyes again, but considering how many projects are currently in production, they may not want to waste valuable time on a project that doesn’t need much hype. 

Then again, they may want to court the LGBTQ+ fans that were feeling kind of salty with the poorly executed genderfluid representation. They’ve been putting a bit more effort lately into trying to court this segment of fandom, so perhaps they’ll bring it as a peace offering.

He will show you the world(s)

What If…? Season 2 Updates

It’s harder to track production for animated projects, so I’m very out of the loop on where this one is at. Still, it’s happening so they may bring some news.

Wakanda Series

We’ve got nothing on this one so I’m really not holding out hope on this having a presence at SDCC. Then again, if they bring Wakanda Forever, they may make some announcements about this at least.

Deadpool Film

Oh please, please announce a Deadpool film. Please? I’m absolutely dying here. 

Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening quite yet. I really hope to be wrong with this one.

X-Men Project

Like Deadpool, I just don’t see this one being far enough along to have a presence. I think they’re going to try to ease Fantastic Four into the MCU first before touching either of these. Then again, with Professor X in Multiverse of Madness, perhaps they are further along with this than we think.

The Wild Stuff

Don’t bother asking for proof of any of this. This is just me being absolutely wild with speculation. Feel free to come be wild with me!

Midnight Sons Project

We’ve got Doctor Strange. We’ve got Moon Knight. We kind of have Punisher. And we definitely have Blade coming up. So really, this team is assembling and I’m totally here for it. This is Team Badass and I want it very badly.

Also, Oscar Isaac let a tidbit about this slip out in a Spanish interview. Bless him. He’s trying to avoid Feige’s sniper rifle by only saying spoilers in a language Feige does not speak. Gotta respect that.

Young Avengers Project

America Chavez, Kate Bishop, Billy, Tommy, a version of Kid Loki, Cassie Lang, and Elijah Bradley have all popped up in the MCU. It feels like doing a Young Avengers project is a very logical next step, even if some of these characters differ a bit from their comic counterparts (I doubt Kid Loki would be the same, for example). I very much want this to happen.

Spider-Man 4

I’m not sure how they’ll continue his story considering nobody remembers him. But maybe that’ll provide a clean slate for new stories. There’s definitely chatter about this one out there. Quite a lot of it.

Black Knight Project

Why introduce Black Knight and do almost nothing with him? And why give him an end credit scene if not to tease a future project? Come on, Marvel. Give us something here.

Did I miss anything? Do you have an idea? Or do you just want to be weird here with me?

Then leave a comment!

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