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  • The Hugo Awards That Might Have Been

    The Hugo winners were announced this past weekend. The whole Puppies controversy led to this year’s awards receiving by far the most votes of any Hugo contest, a great deal of chatter in the blogosphere and Twitter and even traditional media. And the results were definitively not on the side of the Puppies. Others have […]

  • Locus Award for Short Fiction, 2014 Finalists

    After the drama of the Puppy-tinted Hugos, the Locus Award finalists are an abrupt departure from that list. On the short fiction front, there isn’t a single finalist that overlaps with the Hugo nominees. More interestingly, these finalists do not overlap at all with the Nebulas, either, so this year we have three completely different […]

  • Hugos and Puppies, the 2015 Short Fiction Nominees

      When I wrote, in my review of the Nebula nominees, that the awards this year could prove quite political…I had no idea the extent to which that would prove true. Most of you are, no doubt, well aware of the slate voting and Sad/Rapid Puppies in this year’s Hugo nominations. (If not, visit George […]

  • K. J. Parker Revealed! And He’s Releasing a Serial

    In a surprise announcement last week, the mysterious writer known as  K. J. Parker revealed his identity as comedic fantasy writer Tom Holt. It had long been known that Parker was a pen name for a successful writer who wanted to write in a different vein, though who that writer was had been kept a […]

  • The Quarantined City: An Ambitious Serialized Novel

    In James Everington’s serialized novel, The Quarantined City, a character named Fellows wanders around an oddly out-of-step city, searching for the elusive stories by a writer he’s only heard of. Based on the first two episodes, this is a very ambitious serial fiction project, one with a lot going on and many ways to draw in […]

  • 2014 Nebula Nominees, Short Fiction

    The members of the Science Fiction Writers of America are voting this month on the winners of the Nebulas for the best writing in a variety of categories. Even for those who aren’t part of the SFWA, these are awards to watch to find some of the best writers in the genre today. In recent […]

  • Serial Fiction: Ash & Flame, Episode 1 Review

    The first episode of Wilson Geiger‘s serial fiction story, Ash and Flame, opens with Ren and his daughter Emma crossing a post-apocalyptic United States. It feels familiar, comfortably so. The fear is well evoked, and that particular sense of the past that forms the best post-apocalyptic stories, a broken sort of nostalgia, fills the scenes. Ren’s […]