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  • Destielcon 2015

    I got the happy chance to attend the second annual Destielcon, and it was just as glorious as the last – if not more! This year, like last year, the convention was filled with the promise of exciting fan-run panels, games, art, kindness and a dance party. Destielcon had some brilliant special guests, including the […]

  • An Interview with the Organizer of DestielCon

    The second annual DestielCon happened this past weekend, and I got a chance to interview one of the organizers of the convention. For those who do not know, what exactly is DestielCon and the inspiration that brought it to life? DestielCon is a fan convention created by fans, for the fans. It is an opportunity […]

  • DestielCon 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio June 20th-22nd

    Where could you find Swagstiel, friendly discussions on multi-shipping in Supernatural, and a staff that blew our minds with three days of fandom fun? That would be the DestielCon. The convention’s aim was to create a chance for fans of a like-mind to convene and discuss Destiel. Destiel, if you do not know, is the […]