An Interview with the Organizer of DestielCon


The second annual DestielCon happened this past weekend, and I got a chance to interview one of the organizers of the convention.

For those who do not know, what exactly is DestielCon and the inspiration that brought it to life?

DestielCon is a fan convention created by fans, for the fans. It is an opportunity to come together, in person, for a weekend, to celebrate our mutual love of Destiel and things that we have mutual interests in, including shipping in general, other franchises, and getting published. But no matter what programming DestielCon has, our “flagship” will always be manned by the Profound Bond of Dean and Cas.

The idea came when a group of Destiel shippers realized the fandom needed a fun, safe environment to gather in, and as most of us had convention experience, the small leap was all too easy to make. We took a few cues from other shipping cons out there, in particular FaberryCon, the convention for those who ship Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry from Glee.

What is DestielCon not?

First and foremost, DestielCon is NOT about hate or exclusion. DestielCon is about love and a celebration of love and acceptance. All ships are welcome, all characters are welcome. You will not find hateful speech at DestielCon.

Secondly, DestielCon is not a huge conglomerate out to make money. We won’t charge you a shipping fee for your badge, when nothing is being mailed out. This is a labor of love and we are entirely non-profit.

Besides making new friends or meeting their online friends, what do you hope that attendees have gained from the DestielCon experience?

I hope they leave feeling loved and accepted and validated. I hope they’ve gained new insights and an appreciation for things they might not have known about before. I hope they leave with new ideas and new inspiration for their next creative endeavors. I hope they have the experience of a lifetime. Every indication from the feedback already rolling in is that this is exactly what happened.

I read on the DestielCon website that those who cannot attend are able to support DestielCon in spirit, how?

Yes! We have a non-attending membership. This is an opportunity for those who can not make the convention to support us and “attend in spirit.” We send our non-attending memberships a badge, a program, and a thank you letter. This year, we’ll also be including the free postcard that attendees were welcome to take, a wristband, and book codes for two free male/male fiction e-books, provided courtesy of Riptide Publishing.

This option will remain on our website until August 9. If any of your readers would like to purchase one, the price is $10. (Those e-book codes are worth way more than that alone!)

I would like to thank The Geekiary for attending and covering DestielCon, and for the opportunity to answer some of your questions.

Author: Mina Beans

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  1. I’m so glad I had the chance to be a part of DestielCon again this year. It’s a wonderful community to be a part of and the con is such a fun and rewarding experience!

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