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  • Convention Culture, Vic Mignogna, and the #MeToo Era

    A couple weeks ago, anime fandom was shaken when long time whispered accusations against voice actor Vic Mignogna were published by the Anime News Network. The accusations against Vic Mignogna are nothing new.  The piece by ANN has pushed the conversation out in the open, but I recall chatter on forum boards and in private […]

  • Fans Think Black Widow Movie Coming Sooner Than We Expect

    Rumors about a potential Black Widow movie have been going on for years.  But this time fans think it might be close to filming, and even have enough footage to show a full sizzle reel at San Diego Comic-Con. I try not to take every rumor about a Black Widow movie as gospel.  Back in […]

  • The Geeky Super Bowl LIII Trailer Round Up

    It’s February, and that means the football fandom is having an important episode.  As geeks, it’s our duty to support our fellow obsessive fans by tuning in and enjoying the most important part of the event – the geeky commercials.  Join us for our Super Bowl LIII trailer round up and let’s break it down! […]

  • The Ultimate SDCC Budget Guide

    So you want to go to San Diego Comic-Con but you don’t have a lot of cash.  Don’t worry! It’s absolutely possible to enjoy the con with a small SDCC budget. Back when I first went to SDCC, I was an early 20-something retail employee with an extremely limited amount of disposable income.  At first […]

  • People Have Seen Yuri on Ice Movie Footage!!

    Yuri on Ice movie footage exists! People have seen it!  And it’s apparently amazing. The Yuri on Ice movie footage was shown at a marathon event in Japan that’s running through February 7th, so the rest of us may have to wait.  But that doesn’t stop us from screaming about it.  I’m not saying I […]

  • Help Send Young Girls to See ‘Captain Marvel’

    The first woman-led Marvel Cinematic Universe film is here, and Girls Inc wants to help send young girls to go see it. You can help them by donating to the Send Girls to See Captain Marvel GoFundMe campaign. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are […]

  • Which Boku no Hero Academia Character Are You?

    Let’s be real, the teachers in Boku no Hero Academia are AWESOME! For those of you who follow me on social media, you know I’ve been ridiculously obsessed with Boku no Hero Academia lately.  I’ve been particularly enamored with the teachers.  They are incredibly in depth and unique characters and I just can’t stop thinking […]

  • Disneyland’s ‘Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge Opens in June

    According to a recent interview, Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that the new Star Wars themed land, Galaxy’s Edge, will open this upcoming June. The new section of the park, as well as a similar themed section in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, were announced back in August 2015.  We’ve known they were both […]

  • Kevin Spacey Video: Worst Christmas Gift EVER

    Merry Christmas everyone! In case your holidays were going just a bit too well, Kevin Spacey is here to drop a completely bizarre video on Twitter to remind us he’s still a complete creep. Just in case you forgot, a little over a year ago Kevin Spacey tried to use the LGBTQ+ community as a […]