Ben Edlund Appreciation Marathon

Image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Ben Edlund has crafted some of the most memorable Supernatural episodes in the history’s run.   Several of his episodes were in our last rewatch and a follower suggested that we have a marathon dedicated to him.  What a great idea!  So here we go!  Let’s do a Ben Edlund appreciation marathon!

We will take the top 5 episodes that win this poll and play them in chronological order.  As this is a celebration of all things Edluand, we will also be showing ‘Smile Time’ from Angel and ‘Jaynestown’ from Firefly before and after the Supernatural marathon.  Not a fan of either show?  No worries.  We’ll be placing those episodes before and after the 5 hour Supernatural marathon specifically so that those who are only showing up for Supernatural can do so.   Marathon will take place the weekend of June 7th & 8th at a yet to be determined time.  Keep your eye out for details!

Poll Closes June 4th, 11:59pm EST

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9 thoughts on “Ben Edlund Appreciation Marathon

  1. Whaaat, Ben Edlund is writing Supernatural? ARGH, now I HAVE to watch it…

  2. I can’t believe “Nightshifter” is down so low. You all should watch it again. I just did, and it is awesome. But picking only 5, out of these is incredibly hard to do.

    1. I’m pretty surprised at the top 5 results, honestly. 4/5 of them are so incredibly sad! I was hoping for some fun, light hearted, Edlund joy, but people seem to want to cry a lot. But hey, you can vote as much as you want and change the order of things 😉

  3. The absolute best episodes – ON THE HEAD OF A PIN and THE END. Jensen is extraordinary and deserves an Emmy nomination. My least liked was the Hitler episode. I found it dull.

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