Let’s Breakdown the First Captain Marvel Trailer! Is Brie Larson a Good Choice for Carol Danvers?

Captain Marvel Trailer 1 Breakdown Brie Larson as Carol Danvers
Brie Larson in Captain Marvel Trailer #1 (Image: Screengrab)

The first trailer for the upcoming MCU installment Captain Marvel has been released and of course, everybody is excited about it. Let’s go over the trailer and talk about a number of cool shots that were featured. Also, is it just me or is Brie Larson as Captain Marvel lacking screen presence?

Everyone has been waiting for Captain Marvel. Not only because it is going to be the first solo film for a female character in the MCU, but also because she is supposed to be the hero the Avengers need to beat Thanos.

The trailer does a good job of showing viewers what they can expect from the upcoming movie. It will be set in the mid-1990s. We should also expect a lot of flashbacks as Carol Danvers gets her memories back.

As for Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the new trailer and I want the film to do amazing at the box office. However, I can’t help but compare Larson’s portrayal of Carol with Gal Gadot’s Diana.

I know the two are different characters. But my opinion is no matter the fictional universe, an actor still needs to have an impressive screen presence, especially if they are the lead.

There is just something off about Larson’s Carol. Maybe it was just in the trailer and she is way better in the actual film? She is an Oscar winner after all. We will have to wait until March 8, 2019, to find out.

Gal Gadot as Diana had a magnetic screen presence, which I think is also what helped everyone accept her in the role the moment she made her debut in the DCEU even though she was considered too skinny for the role.

Larson’s Carol Danvers, on the other hand, seems to be lacking in the screen presence department.

Now, some might argue this is because Gadot is a model and knows how to look good on camera. However, I don’t agree with such a statement. If having screen presence came down to just being one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Halle Berry would have rocked it as Strom in the X-Men movies just by standing there. But we all know she didn’t.

So, again, I don’t know if it is just me or if it was the trailer, but Larson as Carol (to quote fellow movie critic Grace Randolph) “doesn’t cut a heroic figure.”

Maybe the film wants her to appear normal and thus, relatable? Anyway, let’s see how she is when the movie comes out.

Here’s my breakdown of the trailer!

Some thoughts and questions:

  • A de-aged Nick Fury and Agent Coulson look great, considering how expensive the process is supposed to be.
  • While the trailer did have a quick shot of Maria Rambeau, I hope we get to see her daughter Monica Rambeau in the film.
  • I am still not a fan of the Starforce uniforms.
  • How many of you noticed the noseguard being out of place? You shouldn’t be making such mistakes, MCU!
  • Nick Fury with a gun during the autopsy scene is hilarious.
  • Do you think the CG needs more work?
  • The money shot with Carol powering up is amazing!

Are you excited for Captain Marvel? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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