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  • I Did Not Like “Cursed” As Much As I Thought I Would

    There have been many reimaginings of Arthurian legends over the years (we at The Geekiary are rather big fans of BBC’s Merlin), but none of them quite take the stance that Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller’s Cursed does. Optioned as a Netflix series (currently in production) before even being published, Cursed tells the story of Arthur from Nimue’s […]

  • Bow at the Feet of the “Angel Mage” – Review

    It has been over a hundred years since Ystara fell and Liliath, the angel mage, disappeared. Now, she has returned, looking not a day over the age of 19 and still able to wield the power of angels without suffering the consequences the way others do. She is ready to manipulate everyone to her purposes […]

  • These Tiny Star Wars Art Books Are Actually Fun??

    Getting random review copies is a nice side perk of being press. Usually they’re not literally random; publishers reach out to gauge interest before sending out books. There’s almost always a press release included, too. This time, I found a box with two tiny Star Wars art books nestled in my mailbox with only a […]

  • Fight Back with “The Good Luck Girls” – Review

    In this time of political uncertainty, it feels like women – particularly women of color – are being attacked just for their very existence. Join the fight with a group of girls who are ready to take back their future – The Good Luck Girls. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in […]

  • “Dragonwatch Book 3: Master of the Phantom Isle” – Review

    Author Brandon Mull is back with another story set in the world of Fablehaven. In Dragonwatch Book 3: Master of the Phantom Isle we get more new locations, new creatures, a gripping story, and some interesting character developments. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. […]