Wandering Planet Toys Launches Kickstarter For Officially Licensed “Nancy Drew” Action Figures!

Nancy Drew action figure kickstarter
Nancy Drew Action Figures (Image: Wandering Planet Toys/PR)

Fans of the iconic Nancy Drew IP have new collectibles to look forward to. Wandering Planet Toys has launched a Kickstarter for retro-style Nany Drew collectible action figures. There’s also an exclusive all-new mystery novella!

I found it very strange to learn from the press release that even though the Nancy Drew IP has seen tons of books, graphic novels, and TV adaptations over the decades, the girl detective has never recieved an official line of action figures. Fortunately, Wandering Planet Toys is ready to rectify that. With a license from Simon & Schuster, the current Kickstarter campaign will allow fans to own 4-inch retro-style Nancy Drew figures based on the classic book cover art by the iconic Rudy Nappi.

In addition to the figures, there’s also the novella that is exclusive to the campaign in the “Secret Treasure Trove” tier. This novella will not be available online or in bookstores. The “lost” story will feature an all-new cover by award-winning artist Ruth Sanderson (who took over cover from Rudy Nappi in the late 1970s).

Simon & Schuster’s Carolyn Keene will serve as the author of the new story titled The Clue of the Curious Collection. Being 5-chapters long, the novella will mimic the style of the classic Nancy Drew mystery stories.

Nancy Drew novella
Nancy Drew – Case of the Curious Collection (Image: Wandering Planet Toys/PR)

The collectibles via the current campaign include:

  • The Secret of the Old Clock ($27.00) – This figure is based on the very first book and has Nancy Drew in her green dress. She comes with an old clock (with a clear front that opens) and a screwdriver.
  • The Hidden Staircase ($27.00)- This one is based on the second book and has Nancy Drew in her long sleeve top and skirt. The figure comes with a flashlight accessory.
  • The Secret in the Old Attic ($27.00) – Based on the 21st book, you will get to see Nancy Dew in her red dress. This set includes a candle and sheet music.
  • The Clue of the Dancing Puppet ($27.00) – Based on the 39th book, along with the figure, you get jewelry details, a flashlight, and a faceless dancy puppet. 
  • The Nancy Drew “Carded” Collectible Figures Four-Pack Set ($115) – This includes all four action figures packaged on vintage cardbacks and the novella.
  • The Mystery at Lilac Inn Two-Figure Set ($53.00) – Based on the 4th book, you get a figure of Nancy Drew in disguise (wearing a black wig) and a figure of the ‘Ghost of the Lilac Inn’, taking the form of Nancy.
  • The Crooked Bannister Two-Figure Set ($53.00) – Based on the 48th book, this one has a Nancy Drew in a stylish purple jacket and a pointed collar. The second figure is of the tape-programmed robot.
  • Nancy Drew Kickstarter Exclusive Silhouette Collectible Figure and Display Stand ($27.00) – You will get to own a collectible action figure of the Nancy Drew “silhouette logo” along with a display stand.
  • The Secret Treasure Trove ($360)- This tier includes all Wave 1 retro-style figures, unlocked stretch goals, and an exclusive t-shirt.
Nancy Drew logo
Nancy Drew – Silhouette Figure Display (Image: Wandering Planet Toys/PR)

The current goal for the campaign is CAD $80,819. As of writing this, the team has been able to raise CAD $38,495. With more than 25 days to go, I really hope this campaign is successful. I want these Nancy Drew collectibles to exist in the world.

Nancy Drew action figure
Nancy Drew – The Mystery at Lilac Inn (Image: Wandering Planet Toys/PR)

You can follow Wandering Planet Toys on Twitter for more updates.

Make sure to support the Kickstarter campaign here!

Are you excited about these retro-style Nancy Drew action figures?

Let us know.

Nancy Drew Kickstarter 2023
Nancy Drew – The Secret Treasure Trove (Image: Wandering Planet Toys/PR)

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