80s Inspired Sci-Fi/Mystery Point-and-Click Indie Game “Unusual Findings” Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Unusual Findings game Kickstarter
Unusual Findings (Image: PR)

Epic Llama Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming point-and-click adventure indie game Unusual Findings. Are you ready for a whole lot of nostalgia?

According to Epic Llama Studio, the funds from the current campaign for Unusual Findings will be used to bring the game to additional platforms (Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4 and 5). The initial goal is set at approximately $12,300. If the campaign, which you can see here, is able to reach the additional stretch goals, it will allow the studio to expand the upcoming game by adding new scenes, mini-games, etc.

In Unusual Findings, you get to control three teenagers – Vinnie, Nick, and Tony – as they travel around town uncovering a bunch of mysteries. One night, being teens, the trio decides to try and decrypt a pay-per-view adult channel. Their efforts lead them to pick up a distress signal from an alien spaceship. The story is supposed to help the teens bond as friends, encounter killer robot aliens, make sense of conspiracies, and a lot more.

Vinnie’s a young boy in the 80s who likes retro stuff, with classic black and white horror movies being his favorite. He also likes solving mysteries. Nick’s into action movies, cars, girls, and free stuff. He has a hot temper. Botany-enthusiast Tony’s the smart one in the group and likes machines and science. Socializing isn’t his forte.

According to the promo material, the creative team made sure to have the teens interact with each other as real teens would in that era, with the trio being there for each other in time of need but also finding ways to outsmart one another with their remarks.

The point-and-click gameplay is supposed to remind players of classic titles like Monkey Island or Grim Fandango. During the game, players will get to visit different 80s-inspired locations, solve puzzles and make difficult choices. Take note; the choices you make will have an impact on the trio’s friendship as well as the overall story. Apparantly, there’s no correct or incorrect answer. Having the option to choose your path helps this game be replayable.

You will also have the ability to mash together items in your inventory to see if something can help you during a particular mission. The dialogue’s fully voiced. There’s also a retro synthwave soundtrack for an authentic 80s Hollywood flavor.

Here’s the trailer!

Judging by the trailer, I do like the pixel art visuals with a modern twist to make everything easy to look at and understand (something quite important when you’ll be required to point-and-click on various things). I also like fact that there are going to be a bunch of minigames to change up the gameplay a bit. 

I’m a fan of point-and-click games when they’re done right. Telltale’s The Walking Dead series proved to be quite successful in a gaming landscape that favors high-quality graphics, immersive controls, and such. Maybe Unusual Findings will be able to find an audience, too?

As far as playing a game starring three teenage boys goes, especially with the narrative having a coming-of-age quality to it, do you think we will get any kind of queer representation through one of the leads? Time will tell.

While we wait for the Stranger Things kids to return, you can get your 80s-set sci-fi/mystery fix soon enough because the full version of Unusual Findings is looking at a winter 2021 launch on Steam. The good news is that there’s a demo available right now on Steam if you want a taste of what this indie title has to offer and why you should consider backing the Kickstarter campaign.

Unusual Findings is also part of the Steam Next Fest, running right now until October 7, 2021, along with several other new demos from Buka Entertainment.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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