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  • NJCon 2014 Wrap Up

    NJCon was my first Supernatural convention and it did not disappoint. Festivities kicked off Friday with Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel) and the Elastic Waste Band. Following the convention introduction and some great music.  Rob Benedict (Chuck Shurley / God) was the first panel. Rob started off with a great story of arriving at the convention […]

  • Cosplay Fun at Dragon Con

      Now, I’m no photographer or cosplay master, but Dragon Con is, in my opinion, the best convention for cosplay. By far. While there’s more to come in regards to my thoughts on and experiences at Dragon Con 2014, for now enjoy some of the fun cosplay I caught sight of over Labor Day weekend […]

  • PAX Prime 2014 Cosplay Fun

    Continued from my previous Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2014 posting are these cosplay shots; a special all to their own. League of Legends clearly won the PAX among expressive fandoms, with most costumes being of it’s chracters. A clear indicator of modern times among gaming fandom of its popularity. 2K Games attracted their fandom well, with […]

  • Time to Start Planning for San Diego Comic-Con

    It feels like the convention was only yesterday.  Well, it almost was, actually.  Only six weeks have passed and we’re already gearing up for Comic-Con: San Diego 2015.  We didn’t even make it two months, guys.  For those of you who plan on attending the convention, it’s time to start planning. Next year’s convention will take […]

  • PAX Prime 2014 Convention Pics and Commentary

    Hell YES, to the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime convention! Back in Seattle for its 2014 annual run , the ever-growing show delivered more cheers. Now considered Prime for being the alpha among five current annual shows (Boston, San Antonio, Melbourne, and a game developers show back in Seattle) Tickets sold out in seconds back in […]

  • Summer Cosplay Series 1×10: Terry Jo

      Terry Jo is a fun and funny cosplayer who hails from upstate New York, and I’m super happy to call her a friend and enjoy hearing her talk about her ‘obsessions’ with things like Jurassic Park and Home Alone.   When did you start cosplaying, and what – or who – convinced you to […]

  • Creatures of the Night: Holland Roden Q&A Recap

    Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden (Lydia Martin) was awash in wonderful contradictions in her Q&A at Culture Shock Event’s Creatures of the Night convention in Sydney last Sunday. She wanted to be an astronaut, she was pre-med in college, and she’s the most inconsistent bowler ever. She also talked about growing up with girls, being one of […]

  • Creatures of the Night: Max Carver and Sinqua Walls

    When two men that are this attractive take the stage, it’s hard to focus. Somehow I managed to control my hormones long enough to get the gist of what went down at the Max Carver (Aiden) and Sinqua Walls (Boyd) panel at Creatures of the Night in Sydney on Sunday. It was not easy because […]

  • Creatures of the Night: Ian Bohen Q&A Recap

    This past weekend, four of our Teen Wolf faves – Holland Roden, Ian Bohen, Max Carver and Sinqua Walls made the long (and sometimes perilous) journey to the land down under, otherwise known as Australia. As I live here at the ass end of the earth, I trundled along to the first Teen Wolf-themed convention […]