Claws 4×07 Review: “Ascension”

Ascension Claws Season 4 Episode 7 Review
Desna learning the truth about Tony in ‘Ascension’ (Screengrab: Claws Season 4 Episode 7)

Claws Season 4 Episode 7, titled ‘Ascension’, featured a big moment for Virginia’s character. It also revealed something the fans had suspected about Tony. With only three more episodes left in the final season, I’m actually worried about the fates of the main cast.

The previous episode had Uncle Daddy making up his mind to kidnap Ann’s baby and raise the kid as his own. Having had a brush with death, Uncle Daddy’s all about leaving behind a legacy. And while Bryce’s part of the family, Uncle Daddy wanted someone new to mold in his own image. I had been expecting Bryce to leave Uncle Daddy to work for Desna. ‘Ascension’ showed him take such a step after realizing he was being ignored as the rightful heir to Uncle Daddy’s business in favor of Ann’s unborn child.

What I wasn’t expecting was Bryce becoming unhinged and kidnapping Ann. He was ready to kill her to take her unborn child off the board. I’m actually glad that Desna stepped in and stopped Bryce from ending Ann’s life. Even though Desna and Ann still have bad blood between them, Desna’s not about to allow her ex-friend to get killed.

However, Desna did want to destroy Uncle Daddy’s drug-dealing business. And that meant getting rid of Ann. The final season has made it clear that the only reason Ann is still in the city is that she’s trying to save money to leave and create a better life for herself and her child. Desna offering her the money she needed to leave Uncle Daddy and the city made sense.

But will Ann even be able to leave by the finale? I have no idea. If you guys remember, the premiere episode opened with Desna shooting Ann in a dream-like sequence. So, that particular scene, or something similar, could still come true during the finale.

With Desna, Bryce, and now Ann standing against Uncle Daddy, I’m looking forward to seeing how he will retaliate. Even though Desna thinks she’s got everything under control, her team members have their own issues to deal with. Bryce’s an emotional mess. Jenn’s drug addiction has grown worse. Tony’s true intentions were finally revealed. And Virginia… ufff!

I did mention in my previous reviews that I found Virginia’s character arc to be a bit boring during the final season. However, ‘Ascension’ changed that for me. I wasn’t expecting Virginia to go through with Desna’s order to kill Georgia. I really thought that Virginia would follow Polly’s suggestion and help Georgia run away and lie to Desna about killing her. Trying to be loyal to Desna forced Virginia to become a cold-blooded murderer and I don’t know how to feel about it. And there’s also the fact that Georgia didn’t even need to die! Her death was caused by a false accusation due to Jenn being the one stealing pills from Desna. Sigh!

I highly doubt that Virginia’s got what it takes to bear such a burden. Killing Georgia will definitely weigh her down. And you know Virginia’s going to emotionally break when she learns that the actual thief was Jenn and not Georgia.

Speaking of Jenn stealing pills, do you think Desna’s capable of killing her best friend? I mean, there’s a difference between stealing pills from Desna to sell them to someone else and stealing pills to cope with personal emotional distress.

As for Tony, I think the fandom knew something was off about him the moment he appeared onscreen. He was way too interested in Desna’s business and her crew. The closing moments of ‘Ascension’ showed that Tony was indeed working for the DEA. Desna’s not going to go down without a fight, and I’m here for her trying to outsmart Tony.

Coming to Polly, ‘Ascension’ showed her finally marrying Axel. The writers did give her some conflict by having her feel bad about lying to Axel about her true identity. However, before Polly could tell the truth, Axel died while being intimate with her. So, I’m not sure if giving her such a conflict, to begin with, was even necessary. Anyway, I guess the upcoming episodes will show Axel’s kids coming after Polly to prevent her from getting their father’s money.

Officiating Polly and Axel’s wedding made Ken realize that things just weren’t working between him and Selena. I was a bit disappointed seeing Ken breaking up with her. I actually wanted to see Ken be in a happy relationship with someone. Maybe he will try and get back with Polly? Hmmm.

What did you think of ‘Ascension’? Do you think Desna will survive the final season?

Let us know.

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