Dear Geekiary: Would Kamala Khan celebrate Christmas?


“Dear Geekiary. I was just wondering this the other day. Would Ms. Marvel, talking about Kamala Khan here, celebrate Christmas? Thank you! – Kamala Korps

Good question, Kamala Korps! I enjoy it when people who are fans of the things I like ask questions regarding fictional characters. It’s one of the things that comes with being part of a fandom you are passionate about: wondering if characters would do stuff even if it’s not shown in canon. There are moments when I wonder what a certain character might or might not do in a particular situation. This also makes up a large part of fan-fics where writers show characters we are familiar with and make them react to situations in a manner that’s true to their nature.

Coming to your question, my answer is that I don’t find any problem with Kamala Khan celebrating Christmas in the sense that she would go to a Christmas party with her friends if invited. As far as her family specifically celebrating it in their own house is concerned, then that’s a no because Kamala is a Muslim.

Before any of you ask why a Muslim would find it alright to attend a Christmas party, let me tell you that being a Muslim doesn’t mean that you deny Jesus existed. Believing in him is part of Islam, so attending a party in celebration of his birth isn’t a big deal.

01So, my dear Kamala Korps, Kamala Khan would be okay with celebrating Christmas by attending a party with her friends. But then again, I didn’t create Kamala. I asked the creator of Marvel’s newest superhero, G. Willow Wilson, on Twitter and I’m happy to report her answer is the same as mine.

There you have it people. Let your imaginations run free with Kamala Khan celebrating Christmas in your fan works.

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Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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