Diamond Select Toys News & Exclusives at SDCC 2017

diamond select toys sdcc 2017 thor ragnarok

This year marks Diamond Select Toys’ 35th anniversary, and they celebrated it at SDCC with plenty of exclusives for sale and upcoming releases on display!

I spoke with Diamond Select Toys’ marketing director Zach Oat on Friday of San Diego Comic-Con, and they’d already sold out of several of their exclusives, including PVC statues of Super Iron Man, Deadpool in his X-Men uniform, and Dark Phoenix. They did still have plenty of other items in stock, including an unmasked Iron Heart (review forthcoming!) and last year’s Harley Quinn with a new Poison Ivy to go with it, featuring a unique costume.

diamond select toys sdcc 2017 harley quinn poison ivy

One of their fastest-selling items was a translucent ‘dying’ Enterprise from Star Trek III; Diamond Select Toys only made 400 of these and, not surprisingly, they were long gone by the time I got around to the booth. Among the special vinimates, the Iron Giant with the Superman logo, battle-damaged Stay Puft, and battle-damaged Santa Claus Jack Skellington exclusives were also long gone, though you might be able to track the latter down at Books-a-Million stores, while the Iron Giant and Stay Puft can be found (sans that elusive ‘exclusive’ sticker, of course) at comic shops.

They even had some Minimate comic book covers created especially for SDCC, including Secret Empire, Deadpool, and Spider-Man, all of which mimicked previous comic book covers. These were also almost completely sold out when I visited the DST booth…with the exception of a few copies of the Secret Empire comic book, perhaps because the Secret Empire story is so…well, I’ll just say ‘debatable’ and leave it at that.

Plenty of their upcoming releases were on display, including never-before-seen figures from the 7th and 8th series of their Ghostbusters collection *and* the Ghostbusters 2 firehouse – this was the first time it was shown completely painted and set up! In fact, people were so busy crowding around that corner of the Diamond Select Toys display that I couldn’t get close enough to get a photo that wasn’t marred by bodies or reflections. C’est la vie at San Diego Comic-Con, I suppose!

Among their Disney-licensed properties were plenty of Nightmare Before Christmas figures (keep an eye out for a Zero bust!) and even some Kingdom Hearts figures that will be exclusive to stores like Toys R Us, Target, and Walgreens. In fact, with the most recent push back of the Kingdom Hearts 3 release (it’s looking like 2019 now, unfortunately), you’ll likely see these figures in person well before you get to play the new game. While most of the Marvel Selects on display had been shown before, there were some new figures from Thor: Ragnarok for me to drool over…and with my love of Jeff Goldblum, I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll add a Grandmaster one to the collection. (To be fair, they do have a Grandmaster Minimate but I’m still dying for a statue…)

diamond select toys sdcc 2017 gwenpool

A selfie-taking Gwenpool was also on display for the first time, and will be a Gamestop exclusive – as someone who loves Spider-Gwen and enjoys Deadpool, seeing this awesome PVC recreation was my reminder to pick up these comics, too.

Last but not least, a few other Marvel statues caught my eye, including a Netflix Marvel Jessica Jones and a Spider-Man: Homecoming complete with the cheesy Avengers masks featured in that movie. Not to mention the Drax display featuring an adorable Baby Groot!

diamond select toys sdcc 2017 jessica jones

diamond select toys sdcc 2017 spiderman homecoming

diamond select toys sdcc 2017 drax baby groot

As you can see, not only did Diamond Select Toys offer some great SDCC exclusives, but they’ve got tons of great stuff coming out in the near future. Keep an eye on their website and at your local comic shops, as well as taking note of the stores that have their own DST exclusives, so that you don’t miss out on these awesome collectibles.

Author: Tara Lynne

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