“Digimon Adventure tri: Saikai” Trailer Teases Third Film in Series!

Poster for Digimon Adventure tri

The promotional video for the second film in the Digimon Adventure tri series has been released, and it made me feel more excited than I was before!

While I first saw the trailer for Digimon Adventure tri: Ketsui in Japanese, it didn’t take me long to find an English subbed version, and get to know what’s going to happen in the upcoming installment.

The first film, Saikai, focused on Taichi and Yamato. Both male leads had to understand each other as things were different this time around, and they weren’t kids or in the Digiworld anymore. Taichi didn’t want to fight because he didn’t want to endanger innocent people during battles, and Yamato wanted to fight because not doing anything would definitely endanger the whole world.

Judging by the trailer, Ketsui will focus on Mimi, Joe, and their respective Digimon partners. The trailer also showed the ultimate forms of Mimi’s Palmon and Joe’s Gomamon. It also talked about Mimi’s kindness, and the kids growing up into adults. Familiar Digimon like Leomon and Ogremon also made an appearance in the trailer.

Not only did it show fans what to expect from the second film, it also tugged at my heartstrings with a teaser for the third film, Kokuhaku (Confession), near the end. Patemon said good-bye to Takeru, and the release date for Kokuhaku was revealed to be sometime this summer. Fingers crossed that Patemon achieves his Mega form and we get to see him turn into Seraphimon.

Digimon Adventure tri: Ketsui will premiere on 12th March, 2016.

Did you watch Digimon Adventure tri: Saikai? Are you excited for Ketsui? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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