Everything For Demon King Evelogia 1×6 Review – “The Angry Demon King”

The Angry Demon King Everything for Demon King Evelogia anime episode 6 review
Eve carrying Gozu and asking the woman to run away in ‘The Angry Demon King’ (Screengrab: Everything For Demon King Evelogia season 1 episode 6)

Everything For Demon King Evelogia anime Season 1 Episode 6, ‘The Angry Demon King’, offered a few more details about the type of fictional world Gozu is in. Our leads also got to talk about their feelings.

In the previous episodes, we have seen Gozu come to realize that he’s reincarnated as a minor character in a world inspired by a game he liked when he was still alive. And while certain story threads seem to be following the game’s narrative, I liked how Gozu figured out that events weren’t set in stone. Depending on the choices being made, some arcs could be altered.

With Eve and Gozu leaving Eve’s village to travel the world before getting married, ‘The Angry Demon King’ opened with the two hitching a ride from a cart-driving farmer to their first location. Eve’s lived a very sheltered life. So, it made sense for him to want to explore the world outside his village. Gozu, on the other hand, was interested in traveling with Eve so he could help Eve accept his destiny as the Demon King and destroy everything. However, considering how things played out in ‘The Angry Demon King’, I think the narrative will have Gozu and Eve working together to change the future the in-game lore’s determined for Eve.

Turns out, even though Eve’s still young, people across the land still feared him because of the rumors surrounding his dark magic. A village had an entire annual ritual involving a young woman being selected to become the bride of the demon king. The bride was sent to a patch of poisonous flowers to be sacrificed as a gift so the Demon King wouldn’t wreak havoc on the village.

Of course, Eve’s horrified after learning about such a ritual and also confused by the woman’s willingness to sacrifice her life for the good of her village. ‘The Angry Demon King’ basically showed where Eve and Gozu stood when it came to the concept of love. Apparently, Gozu didn’t believe in love. According to him, people only stated they loved someone just so they could make their beloved do what they wanted. Gozu stated that the village selected a woman every year to be the Demon King’s bride because it meant one less mouth for them to feed. For Gozu, love just happened to be another way for people to be selfish. Gozu even told Eve to marry the woman if he wanted to. He couldn’t care less.

In contrast, Eve’s all about loving Gozu and helping others. It made sense for Gozu’s words to make Eve angry. From Eve’s point of view, Gozu’s a complicated person to understand. Eve didn’t like how Gozu flip-flopped between being all love-dovey with Eve and unexpectedly switching to a stony persona.

After destroying the patch of poisonous flowers and scaring the woman away (I hope we get to see her again!), I liked how the episode allowed Eve to verbalize his feelings for Gozu. Eve made it clear that he only wanted to be with Gozu and how he would appreciate Gozu not randomly changing his behavior toward him. Will Gozu listen to Eve? Time will tell. Due to how he was in the real world, Gozu’s got a lot of baggage to sort through.

Also, I have to mention how casual Eve was when stating poisons didn’t work on him. Eve found out about such an ability when people tried to poison his food. I felt sorry for him. Eve’s lived a tough life!

Due to his kind nature, Eve didn’t like getting angry. Such a state also made it difficult for him to control his magical powers. He’s also afraid of accidentally hurting Gozu. Unlike other people, Gozu’s the only one who hasn’t left Eve’s side even whenever Eve’s recently lost control. And Eve didn’t want to push his luck.

While the uncensored version of this anime does have some non-graphic but still sexually intimate scenes (that do come across as more comedic than titillating, to me), I continue to enjoy the way the writers have been handling Eve and Gozu’s relationship. With how this episode ended, I think we will get to see a more sensitive side of Gozu as he tries to comfort Eve in the next installment. And I’m here for it.

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