Fruits Basket 2×24 Review: “Here You Are”

Here You Are Fruits Basket Yuki Hatori

With only one episode of Fruits Basket remaining in season 2, “Here You Are” is very subtly moving pieces into place for the final arc of the story. However, a mistranslation in the subtitles may lead some anime-onlies to inaccurate conclusions, so let’s break down what hints have been dropped and where they might lead.

For starters, I have to immediately point out a huge mistake in the English translation in “Here You Are”. Near the end of the episode, after everything, Shigure says something along the lines of wishing that Akito would teach them all a lesson. This is a complete mistranslation of the line in the manga and absolutely changes the context of the scene. What he actually says is closer to something like, “It would be better if [Akito] would realize quickly.”

I’m not sure how such an incredibly inaccurate translation made the official subtitles, but I hope it’s something Crunchyroll corrects. Shigure is meant to come off as a bit sinister at points, and it’s clear he has his own agenda and isn’t above using the kids in order to achieve his goals. But this scene in the anime makes him seem downright evil, especially considering this is in direct response to Akito nearly taking Yuki’s eye out. This is a total reversal from his previous behavior, where he’s obviously wanted Akito to learn a lesson.

“Here You Are” is such a big episode for Yuki. He skipped last year’s banquet so that Tohru wouldn’t be alone, but this year he not only he attended, he also forgave Akito. This is a huge thing for him, because he has been terrified of Akito for years, and by refusing to blame Akito for being abusive, Yuki is moving on from the past and taking charge of his own destiny. I still think Akito totally deserves every bit of blame, but Yuki is recognizing that holding onto those feelings is holding him back, and he is therefore choosing to let those go. Good for him.

Fruits Basket Zodiac banquet
Kureno, set apart from the rest of the Zodiac, doesn’t even get a seat at the banquet. But also look at how everyone is gathered around Ayame.

However, something about this moment makes Akito lash out, stabbing at Yuki with a broken bottle. Yuki here is compared to a younger Kureno. We know something is up with Kureno, from how he’s allowed himself to be submissively by Akito’s side to how he’s isolated from the rest of the Zodiac. There has been some indication that Kureno knows how to break the curse, and I think this scene is our biggest clue. Akito recognizes something in Yuki’s eyes and worries that Yuki will leave like Kureno. But Kureno hasn’t left at all. Kureno is the Soma who is most entrenched in the Zodiac, as he is at Akito’s beck and call. Could Kureno have tried to leave at one point, and that is what made Akito snap?

While we’re still sort of on the subject, I love the scene with Yuki and Hatori. I get so excited when various members of the Zodiac interact, particularly those who don’t often spend time together. No doubt Hatori is remembering what happened to him as he patches Yuki up, and them apologizing to each other is extremely touching. 

Likewise, I love Yuki and Machi’s interactions. The scene where Yuki recognizes the maple leaf bookmark and Machi tries to act like it’s no big deal was one of my favorites of the episode. But more importantly, Machi realized quite possibly before anyone else how lonely Yuki was, that he was putting up a front and doesn’t like all of the attention he gets. Yuki, in turn, is slowly helping Machi come out of her depression. Through him, she is learning more about herself – such as her favorite color – and being included in things when others just brush her off.

Here You Are Fruits Basket Machi

I like the way they portray Machi’s depression – with her messy apartment, the broken window, not changing her clothes, and the way she feels empty. It was extremely relatable. Depression drains you and slowly robs you of your life and hobbies and things that make you happy, so Machi feeling like she lives a blank existence is something that a lot of people can sympathize with.

It’s also very similar to how Yuki was at the beginning of the series. I remember being surprised to see how messy Yuki’s room was, with how well put together he comes across. But also, Kakeru had explained how he and Machi were pitted against each other to be the heir; Kakeru’s mother removed him from the situation, but it seems Machi “failed” and was discarded. Her mother is still demanding and doesn’t realize what this is doing to her daughter. This is just like the way Yuki was cast aside by everyone for not being “perfect”.

Fruits Basket Kyo Tohru

Honestly, there’s very little I don’t like about Fruits Basket. (Except Akito. F— Akito.) But in terms of “Here You Are”, I enjoyed the little moments we saw between Tohru and Kyo. Her playfully hitting him with the pompom on her scarf after he said she was adorable. His overblown reaction to her mentioning Hanajima and Kazuma was hilarious. I also love that they’re spending the New Year with Kazuma rather than alone.

It’s these little moments that serve to show how much their relationship has developed in the past year. They are so comfortable around each other in a way they weren’t before. This comfort level has been growing throughout the season, and it’s scenes like this that highlight that quite well.

Other things that I liked about this episode:

  • Hatori being absolutely done with dancing, and also being noticeably upset at the idea that Shigure is dating Mayuko again.
  • On the subject of Hatori, he removed the photo of Kana from his desk!
  • Ritsu! I really wish Ritsu was in the series more. I love how he’s so in awe of Ayame.
  • Speaking of Ayame, I mentioned this in the caption of one of the photos, but I think it’s interesting to see how naturally everyone gravitates towards Ayame when they’re all together, leaving Akito mostly alone.
  • Ayame in general. He’s just too much at all times, but I particularly loved him dramatically appearing just as Yuki and Hatori were talking about him.
  • Kazuma for father of the year.

Author: Jamie Sugah

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