Galaxy’s Edge Makes Dreams Come True

Galaxy’s Edge

I spent ten solid hours in Galaxy’s Edge and when asked if it’s worth the cost, time, and aches and pains from walking for so long, I assure you it absolutely is.

I was born into Star Wars. I was so young when I first watched A New Hope that I honestly can’t remember it. As a teen I watched the prequels, overjoyed at new content in a fandom that had been present but stagnant since I was born. Now that the new films and television content are pouring in and my fangirl heart is so thrilled with all the new material I can hardly breathe.

But Galaxy’s Edge is an entirely different beast. This isn’t just new content- it’s a way to step into a world that I’ve been imaging since childhood. My fannish dreams have a chance to come true in Batuu.

Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy’s Edge, while definitely part of Disneyland, feels like a theme park entirely of its own. I spent 10 hours there, with only a quick jaunt across the park to visit Star Tours.  The only part of Disneyland proper you can see from Galaxy’s Edge is Thunder Mountain, which blends in with the spired backdrop of Batuu, only distinguishable from the other spires due to its reddish hue.

Disneyland has always been good at separating lands and making them unique while still allowing visitors to see other areas, but Galaxy’s Edge is visually cut off from the rest of the park. Batuu is on its own and it’s perfect.

Galaxy’s Edge

The highlight of the land is Smuggler’s Run, one of two planned rides for the area (Rise of the Resistance will be open in December).  The line for the ride wraps around the back of the life size Millennium Falcon before guiding you into a mock up of the interior.  You can pretend to play Dejarik as you wait for your team to get called. Then once your team is up, you board into the cockpit of the Falcon.  Honestly? I almost cried at that moment. And I’m not at all ashamed of that fact.

I ended up riding it twice as a pilot both times.  My driving leaves much to be desired, especially after two drinks at Olga’s Cantina, but I had the time of my life. The other available positions include the gunners and the engineers, who help bring in the cargo we are tasked with obtaining.

Speaking of Olga’s Cantina, it’s another highlight that shouldn’t be missed.  Despite the controversy surrounding alcohol in Disneyland, I feel this was a good choice for Galaxy’s Edge.  At the moment there’s a two drink maximum and you only get 45 minutes to consume them.

The drinks vary in strength, but either way you won’t be getting hammered there. At most you’ll get a bit buzzed.  If you’re looking for some bang for your buck, I recommend the Jet Fuel – a bourbon-based mixed drink that had a kick without the burn. I sampled four drinks there despite the two drink minimum, as my friend as I sampled each other’s beverages. It was the strongest of the four.

And yes, we also sprung for the $42 Yub Nub (thank you for the amazing birthday gift, Lee!)


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The level of detail in every corner of Galaxy’s Edge is almost beyond description. There’s a story playing out in front of you and you can easily slip into it and truly feel like you are watching the First Order taking over the small outpost of Batuu.

At one point I was sitting on a small wall relaxing my feet as Rey casually walked by. I said hello and she responded that she liked my shirt because all her friends were on it (it’s my Poe, Finn, and BB-8 shirt as pictured a few times above).

Look, I’m 32. I know she’s an actress. But I don’t care. Rey liked my shirt because all her friends are on it.  Let yourself slip into the fantasy for a moment and enjoy it. Even with the crowds, Galaxy’s Edge makes it easy to pretend.

My advice to you is to come to Batuu. Come and let yourself be immersed in the world of Star Wars.  Great the shopkeepers with “Bright Suns,” build a droid or a lightsaber, grab a drink at Olga’s, and go on a smuggling run in the Falcon.  Make your dreams come true in Batuu.

Author: Angel Wilson

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