Marvel Cancels Titles With Queer Representation! Generation X, Iceman, America, and More!

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While the news of getting new comic books with POC leads and queer representation is always exciting, the reality of running a huge business soon rears its head. Marvel has canceled Iceman, Generation X, America, and more.

Fans got hints about Marvel canceling some issues when the titles weren’t part of the company’s March 2018 solicitations. Soon the teams involved in the concerned comic books shared the cancelation news on social media. The comic books that will be releasing their last issues in 2018 include Iceman, Generation X, America, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Hawkeye, and Luke Cage. Furthermore, Guardians of the Galaxy has been canceled due to the company’s plans for Infinity Countdown. Also, Jean Grey will be reaching the series’ conclusion, too.

While I’m disappointed about the news, I’m glad that Marvel gave these comic books a chance. Even if for a few issues, the world was able to read titles with POC leads and queer representation. The company is also giving the creators time to hopefully provide readers with satisfying finales. Marvel is a business, and it is a fact that poorly selling titles (according to Marvel standards) will be canceled to make room for new stories.

From the canceled titles, I really enjoyed reading Generation X. It was fun to follow the adventures of mutants with powers that can’t necessarily be used in the field. It was a story about young mutants who need to figure out other options in life, because they probably won’t be on the X-Men team due to their powerset. The series has Jubilee as a mentor. Furthermore, it also includes tons of queer characters and a queer romance! I hope you guys are able to check this series out if you haven’t already.

As for America, it was fun; however, it wasn’t a series I was very excited to read every month. I mean, how can there be a story about America without having Billy, the Demiurge who created the world America was born in, make an appearance? Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing America in other titles. She’s an awesome character.

Solo X-Men titles are always a hard sell if you aren’t Wolverine. So, it was expected that Iceman and Jean Grey wouldn’t have been able to continue for too long. I hope Iceman decides to join X-Men: Gold.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the canceled titles with us.

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