Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×38 Review: Formation of the Three-Man Squad?

Formation of the Three-Man Squad review Boruto naruto next generations anime episode 38
Boruto and Salad in ‘Formation of the Three-Man Squad?’

I’ve been really enjoying the Boruto episodes ever since the Genin exams, and I hope the quality is maintained. ‘Formation of the Three-Man Squad?’ showed the Genins being divided into groups as well as Salad and Boruto learning how to work together.

This episode’s focus was on making Salad and Boruto realize that taking the easy route isn’t always the right thing. Salad acknowledges Boruto as a capable ninja. However, she also knows that they aren’t very compatible. Salad likes to think of a strategy when dealing with obstacles, while Boruto is more spontaneous. Thus, working together in Team 3 won’t be easy for the two.

‘Formation of the Three-Man Squad?’ showed Salad wanting to change her team. I liked how Boruto was okay with her decision, as a friend should be. During their encounter with Mirai, he also tried to follow Salad’s lead. It didn’t work but at least he’s a supportive team member.

I really liked seeing Mirai again. She’s a Chunin and played the role of Naruto’s bodyguard in this week’s episode. I don’t know how powerful a ninja she is, but she did come across as quite a capable one. Even Konohamaru decided to watch Salad and Boruto try and figure out how to take down Mirai.

It was Mitsuki who explained why Salad and Boruto’s initial strategy didn’t work. In trying to become more compatible, the two main characters canceled each other’s strengths. Salad was too focused on using the Sharingan, which led her to ignore her impressive skills in taijutsu and shurikens. Boruto, on the other hand, was focused on following Salad’s plan, taking away his spontaneity.

I also liked Konohamaru’s explanation about how working together with someone you get along with is easy and how you can build character by working with people you aren’t compatible with. His words helped Salad change her mind about being on Team 3, which the kids later requested to be changed to Team 7.

The episode also had some fun comedic scenes. The best one was how it tried to replay the accidental kiss between Naruto and Sasuke with Boruto and Salad but our young heroine was quick enough to use her foot to stop Boruto from accidentally falling on her face.

Next week’s episode is going to focus on Mitsuki’s origins. It’s based on a mini-manga story, and I’m really excited to see it in anime form.

What did you think of Boruto this week? Did you enjoy ‘Formation of the Three-Man Squad’? Let us know.

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