Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×37 Review: A Shinobi’s Resolve

boruto anime episode 37 naruto next generations shinobi's resolve review
Mitsuki, Kakashi, and Boruto in ‘A Shinobi’s Resolve’

This week’s episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, titled ‘A Shinobi’s Resolve,’ delivered a very satisfying conclusion to the Genin exams. Here’s to hoping the upcoming episodes maintain such enjoyable storytelling.

While it’s kind of tough to determine what should be considered canon because the current Boruto episodes aren’t based on the manga, the good thing is that the anime can be fast when it needs to. If the current Genin exams followed manga chapters, the whole thing might have taken months to conclude instead of just two very enjoyable episodes.

‘A Shinobi’s Resolve’ picks from the previous episode. Kakashi is being way too tough on the Academy students, especially Boruto. I get that Kakashi wants to see Boruto’s resolve but that doesn’t mean he has to be rude towards him. But I guess Kakashi is a genius strategist so he could easily be using his rudeness to play with Boruto’s mind.

Anyway, I liked that Boruto, with help from Mitsuki and Iwabe, was able to regroup with his classmates. It was clear from the beginning that they couldn’t win without working together. I really liked how everyone supported Boruto. He’s the nucleus of the class and his positivity has helped a lot of the students become better.

‘A Shinobi’s Resolve,’ had some cool action moments. Everyone had a role to play and we even got to see background characters use their unique powers. The highlight of the episode was definitely the combo attack from Boruto and Salad against Konohamaru. Boruto’s team works very well together and I’m looking forward to more of their coordinated attacks.

I was a bit disappointed that Shikadai wasn’t the one who came up with a winning strategy. But considering Boruto is a genius himself, it made sense that he would be the one to lead his class to victory.

In the end, it was everyone working together that led Kakashi to congratulate the students. Kakashi has always considered teamwork to be the most important thing for ninjas even if it meant breaking rules to help a comrade. This episode allowed Boruto and his class to work together as a team and teach them a valuable lesson they’ll take with them when they become professional ninjas.

Also, Salad not knowing medical jutsu considering that one of her classmates was capable of healing people made no sense to me. Salad’s the daughter of the best medical ninja out there!

What did you think of ‘A Shinobi’s Resolve’? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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