Hawkeye Issue #20 Review


After last month’s amazing issue focusing on the plight of the now deaf Clint Barton, Hawkeye #20 revolves around the darling Kate Bishop and her adventures in Los Angeles. The Avenger “in spirit” is still tangled up with Madame Masque and working as a unlicensed private eye.


10696370_10100435591954892_1770900042605323621_nKate finds herself in jail explaining the circumstances that put her in the current predicament. With this issue we see the return of Harold H. Harold, the mysterious cat food man. Not to give too much away, but with the help of both Harold and the florist for Marcus and Finch’s wedding, Kate attempts to get the drop on Madam Masque.

Ultimately, it doesn’t go to plan (big surprise), and our beloved Kate ends up battered and bruised, and behind bars. There are a few surprises along the way in regard to her family, as well as a Moon Knight name drop. Additionally, my favourite is the cameo from those that she’s retelling her tale too.

In the end, it looks like LA doesn’t seem to work for Kate anymore, and it looks as if our intrepid heroine is on her way back to Brooklyn. As a side note, Annie Wu’s art is excellent this issue, and it’s too hard to pick a favourite page, let alone a single panel. There are only a couple of issues left in Matt Fraction’s run, and none have them have disappointed yet. This issue is definitely worth the read.

Author: Bandit

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