‘Heaven Official’s Blessing’ Will Have a Special Episode February 16th!

Heaven Official's Blessing Hualian

It’s been announced that Heaven Official’s Blessing (Tian Guan Ci Fu) will have a special episode on February 16th, a full six weeks after the first season is completed.

When we got more details of the Heaven Official’s Blessing donghua we learned that the first season would be 11 episodes long, which means it’ll conclude right as we roll into 2021. However, Bilibili just dropped a small promotional clip for a special episode and it’s making me lose my mind (in a good way).

I feel like the trailer is a bit of a spoiler about San Lang’s identity, but at this point, I suppose Bilibili feels that it’s obvious so they might as well use it to promote the special episode.  It seems like the episode will focus mostly on San Lang anyway, so it’s probably hard to avoid!

It also tells us, book readers, just how far we’ll be getting in the first season and what to expect as we near the end. It’s been hard to gauge that from the pace presented to us so far, so it’s interesting to see just how much plot they plan on unpacking in the next 6 episodes. I feel like the next arc (dubbed the ‘Banyue arc’) will go slower than what we’ve had so far. But I’m totally fine with that! It’s an awesome arc!

Shout out to the donghua team for making this moment even more intimate than it was in the book, though. We are incredibly blessed. In the original Tian Guan Ci Fu novel, Xie Lian simply pokes his face during this moment, but here we get a full-on face cupping scene. My goodness!

Still no word on if we’ll be getting a season two, but considering the show is doing incredibly well on Bilibili, approaching 100 million views and topping the charts for donghua adaptions, I have a lot of hope that we’ll get it. I just don’t know when that announcement may come as I’m not terribly familiar with how Chinese media tends to work for these types of things.

That said, we at least get a little bit more with the special episode in February!

I can’t wait!

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