Tian Guan Ci Fu / Heaven Official’s Blessing Confirmed for Season 2!

Tian Guan Ci Fu (Heaven Official’s Blessing) has been confirmed for a second season. What great news to kick off a new year!

Tian Guan Ci Fu is the third novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, which has been adapted into an ongoing manhua and the donghua, which premiered on October 31st and concluded its first season today.  A live-action adaption of the novel will begin production this year.  A special episode of the donghua is already scheduled to air in February, but this is the first confirmation that the donghua will extend beyond that. 

The announcement came at the end of the season one final episode (stay tuned for our review!) with a beautiful wraith-butterfly flapping its wings and making the text appear.  Hua Cheng also talks over the announcement, potentially hinting at what chapters could be included next season.  Production has apparently already started, too, but there’s no word on how far along it is or when the next season might air.  We’re not entirely sure they’ll stick with an 11 episode season, either.  We just know its in production and that’s about it.

Despite the lack of detail, this is incredibly good news and the TGCF fandom is happy to hear it.  This is THE BEST news.  Overall, fandom has seemed to embrace this adaption with very few complaints (most of which is just us getting fussy about translations, if we’re honest).  The series has been respectful of the source material and only really changes things it needed to due to the animation format or tweaking dialogue. The fantasy nature of the show translates very well into animation and it’s been a treat to watch these scenes come alive in such a way, so overall its been a win for us.

I’m also not entirely sure if Funimation will pick up the second season like it did this one, especially after the Crunchyroll-Funimation deal going on.  As we only learned about their licensing rights for the series two days before it premiered last time, I don’t expect we’ll hear anything soon on that front.  There’s been a few issues with it airing on Funimation, too, such as late air dates and glitches when searching for it, so their new venture into Chinese donghua has had a bit of a rocky start.

At the very least, there are plenty of helpful fans out there who can help you all sign up for Bilibili!  If it comes down to it, we’ll be sure to link to tutorials on how to navigate their website! One way or another, we’ll figure out how to make it accessible to you and guide you to it.  The show deserves the views, even if there’s a bit of a language barrier while navigating their website.

While we’re waiting, the manhua is ongoing, Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s other works have adaptions, and we can look for every snippet of news about the live-action (good or bad). And maybe at some point we’ll get her new novel, too.  The TGCF donghua may not get new content for a while, but the MXTX fandom overall has a lot to keep us occupied.  Let’s head into 2021 with high danmei hopes!

Author: Angel Wilson

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