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In this episode, there was a lot of what the writers of “Helix” do best: crazy. From the re-introduction of Dr. Alan Farragut to an update on Sarah’s pregnancy, we got a lot of answers, and even more questions than we were prepared for. If there’s one word to describe this episode, it would be “unsettling.”

h4First and foremost, welcome back, Alan! It was nice to see Billy Campbell again, and I’m glad that we finally got a little taste of what Alan has been up to since Arctic Biosystems. Apparently he has gone through the ranks of Ilaria, trying to figure out exactly where Julia is. In his search, he came across information about St. Germaine. Only flashes of science jargon are shown to the audience, but whatever he uncovers is significant enough for him to stop the search for Julia and head to the island. In a later scene, Sarah briefly encounters Alan, and he urges the CDC team to leave the island immediately, but refuses to say what he is doing there. Later, Sarah drops the bombshell that we have been waiting for: Alan owes her, and their baby, an explanation. There’s no child because she is still pregnant…15 months later. Apparently, Sarah was already pregnant when she received the spinal fluid from Julia, which caused the fetus to stop aging. Sarah is in perpetual first trimester misery. Gross.

Throughout the episode, we get tiny pieces of the puzzle and learn more about those who inhabit the island. Brother Michael clearly knows what is going on with the outbreak, but it is evident that he does not have things under control after two of the inhabitants, Isaac and Soren, end up infected and back in the abbey. This leads into one of my favorite parts of the episode where Brother Jerome (Alan) has a deep conversation with Brother Michael. After debating several religious tropes, we deduce that Michael is indeed playing God with nature on the island. It seems to start small with hybrid apples, but it is likely that he is behind the infection. At the end of the episode, Soren gets led outside of the abbey walls and snatched up by some mutant infected hybrid person. There are others on the island! They are probably the ones the followers in the abbey warned Kyle about in episode one. The way that the conclusion was shot makes it seem like Soren was almost sacrificed to this group of people, but why? Are these people creations of the followers?

Speaking of Kyle, we got to learn more about the new doctor on the CDC team. He is obviously great with kids (demonstrated by his handling of Soren), a source of much-needed humor, and dreamy eyes. But we aren’t the only ones taken with Kyle, as he is swiftly seduced by one of the followers who wants him to “be her path.” When he resists, she shuts him down. It was genuinely troubling and I am at a loss as to what the endgame is. But please, show more Kyle because, so far, he is being underused.

h2Back in the future, Julia gets some questions raised of her own. While examining the skeleton left in Alan’s grave, she discovers a map of the island etched into a hip bone. Caleb refuses to take her to a certain significant part of island saying that he does not want to go there and neither of them would return if they did. I wish we had more flow into the flash-forwards because although the events seem connected, I would rather see scenes that have Julia interacting with the rest of the cast because Kyra Zagorsky has really great chemistry with everyone.

All in all, this episode had some great “WTF” moments, but I really wish we had more interaction among the members of the main cast. Most of the reason why I love this show is because the relationships are really believable, and I dislike Julia being off on her own. I also feel like the writers aren’t sure what to do with Peter. He was pretty surly this episode, and clearly does not get along with Sarah. While I love Neil Napier, I find myself questioning the significance of his presence this season, other than to cater to the fans. And also, this is the second episode that we have yet to see Sergio. Where is he?

What are your thoughts on the episode? Was Soren surrendered as a sacrifice? Will Sarah stay pregnant forever? Why do the female followers seem so frisky? Let us know in the comments!

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