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  • Helix 2×13 Review: O Brave New World

    Let’s face it: Helix is a little crazy, and definitely has its own brand of strange. Since both Tara and I love the show, and we LOVED the finale, we decided to do something a little different for the Season Two finale review…so here’s a play-by-play of our thoughts as they happened during “O Brave New […]

  • FEELINGS… with The Geekiary Featuring Neil Napier

    A very special Helix themed episode of FEELINGS… with the Geekiary. Erin, Tara, and Von are joined by Neil Napier who plays Dr. Peter Farragut on SyFy’s Helix. The finale of Helix season 2 airs Friday 10pm on Syfy and don’t forget to tweet @Syfy to #RenewHelix. Links: Neil Napier Twitter  Does the dog die? Helix […]

  • Helix 2×12 Review: The Ascendant

    This week’s episode of Helix had me reeling. It definitely felt like a climax to the season, and since next week is the season finale, of course a lot happened, including a super intense cliffhanger. New alliances were formed, and lots of characters showed their true colors. But, as has been the case the past […]

  • Helix 2×11 Review: Plan B

    A lot happened this week in “Plan B,” and we continued down a very dark path. Well, in this case, it was mostly Peter’s dark path. Our favorite misunderstood brother took his ability to be brainwashed to the next level, and has become the most brutal character on the show. Perhaps the vector king had […]

  • Helix 2×10 Review: Mother

    This week’s Helix took some very dark turns, and it was difficult to swallow. For the first time in the series, even with the perpetual craziness, my jaw dropped to the floor. Just when we thought certain characters could not get any more selfish, pretty much every one in this episode did things that would […]

  • Helix 2×9 Review: Ectogenesis

    This was the week that Helix finally went over the damn top. We got more flashback characters (hey, Doreen!), infected cannibals, bleeding trees, and immortal babies out of utero. Every Friday, Helix has become the thing that I look forward to most, but “Ectogenesis” just did not do it for me. We finally entered into […]

  • Helix 2×8 Review: Vade in Pace

    Another week, another Helix episode that states the obvious yet doesn’t truly answer any questions. And yet I still can’t stop watching, because trust me, there’s just something about this show! I have to admit that I kept hoping that they would just forget about Sarah’s “baby” – or at least push it aside – […]

  • POLL: Best New 2014-2015 Show

    There’s been a lot of amazing TV these past few months and we want to know what your favorite is. In order to be eligible for this poll, it had to have premiered between January 2014 and the day this poll began.  Some shows have been fortunate enough to have a second season begin in […]