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Helix - Season 2

Let’s face it: Helix is a little crazy, and definitely has its own brand of strange. Since both Tara and I love the show, and we LOVED the finale, we decided to do something a little different for the Season Two finale review…so here’s a play-by-play of our thoughts as they happened during “O Brave New World”!


Tara: Really Julia? “You have a son now, think about that, you’re going to pull through this.” A son? No, she has a forever fetus in a jar!

Erin: Amy is free! She looks like Quasimodo too, now. I thought she was dead – I was wrong. And she’s absolutely terrible to Landry, who seems to be legitimately in love with her.

Tara: It’s interesting to see (as we discussed in the Neil Napier episode of FEELINGS…with The Geekiary) that Anne has ambition too. Maybe not like Amy did/does, but it was there when she encouraged Peter to be the one to deliver Mother to Ilaria.

And then…we’d gone so long without the flash forwards that I’d almost forgotten they existed, then they throw one in just to bring back around the mystery of who Caleb is? I almost wish they’d left that open-ended.

obravenewworld-2Erin: Caleb dropped bombshell #1 on Julia, claiming that he was at the abbey 30 years ago. Do you know the way to San Jose? Turns out, Caleb is Soren!!! Oh, and I love that the sword has the genetic code for TXM7.

Tara: I still don’t know whether to be amused, or roll my eyes, or be proud of Hatake for putting a virus recipe on his sword. The reveal of the meaning behind “Do you know the way to San Jose.” OMG SO MANY FEELS, good one Helix!!! And when Alan said, “Your love is gonna kill me.”  I’ve never really cared for/about Alan or his relationship with Julia, but this moment was a bit heart-wrenching.

Speaking of heart-wrenching, Anne’s abuse speech to Amy was seriously sad and moving. I get Amy’s anger, but the amount of crazy with her is just over the top and has been for a while (she couldn’t just stop at not being Michaels’ new daughter-wife, she had too much ambition).

Erin: I feel bad for Amy and Anne who were both manipulated by Michael and now resent each other for their actions in the name of Michael.

Tara: But ugh, Amy is so nasty to Landry now too, and then she just used the baby as bait for the creepy tortured women?

Erin: Landry, why are you calling a 2-day-old infant your friend?

Here are some real friends: Kyle wants to eat pizza and play video games with Soren. Soren is mad because his mom can’t leave the island. Soren stabs Peter. They call the cure “Olivia.” I love love love Kyle and Soren. Womens’ ovaries are exploding everywhere. I love this young actor who plays Soren – he is just so sweet, but SO good with the acting!

Tara: Oh Soren, “I was just following my path.” How is he still all into this doctrine? And honestly this whole Hot Dr. Kyle and Soren relationship is bad news, it’s just too sweet for anything good to come of it (or maybe I’m just jaded).

Erin: Meanwhile Take-Charge Sarah just wants to get her team off the island and take a job in Paris working for Ilaria…but then the creepy toothless women trap Sarah and Julia while they try to rescue Cult Baby. A sweet moment among the women where they let Sarah’s jar baby go, from one mother to another.


Tara: Yeah, that moment between Sarah and the tortured women – over forever fetus, of all things –  was creepy yet somehow sweet (ha, just like Peter and Anne’s relationship). But I honestly don’t understand how Amy thought she’d “fix” things so easily with this little plan. Sarah and Julia didn’t do anything to those women!

Erin: Next up, Peter wanted to set Alan on fire. Those two have some issues. Alan is such a jerk! Although Peter is insane, the resentment he has for his brother seems to have a base in the fact that Alan is a jerk. I mean, he left Peter in the oubliette. Such a jerk. Peter just wanted to be loved, so he chose his new family over his blood (Alan).

Tara: Yeah…Peter has definitely gone off the deep end. I guess there won’t be any friendly Farragut reunions anytime soon, third Farragut sibling or not.

Erin: Well, Amy is crazy too. She had the most maniacal laugh ever when she thought that Julia and Sarah might be dead. And Alan wanted to burn Mother and take the abbey with her! But Julia rescued him and they all went to Seattle

Tara: The jump from finding out that Caleb is Soren to “Day 14” was a bit jarring. But hey, as usual the music was weird and creepy but somehow perfect.


Erin: I can’t believe Ilaria was playing Julia all along! There were never any plans to release Narvik – they just wanted the Mother fungus to control the mortal population! Oops…so it looks like the world’s male population is about to become sterile.

Tara: And Hot Dr. Kyle got Peter arrested, though he was originally along to figure out what was up with Alan. Now what’s going to happen to Peter? And Anne? and Cult Baby?!?!

On top of that, I *really* can’t believe Sarah. Like really really really. At first I thought maybe Alan was on life support and she was going to unplug it because that’s what he would have wanted…but instead she turns him immortal, which of course Alan would never want!

Erin: Sarah has sold her soul to Ilaria to save Alan.

And then…Ilaria Fresh, the brand of produce laced with the fungus – no more procreation for mortal men, it would seem! And Sutton (Jeri Ryan’s character from season one) is the voice in the commercial – is she alive?

obravenewworld-5Tara: But then they flashed forward to 2029 and they’re helping people have kids? I just don’t get it, and I also don’t get the creepy room filled with machines and what were those things, claws? And ugh Sarah, what was SHE doing? What was going on? OMG this show.

Erin: I want to know, does Julia ever find out that Alan is immortal? Apparently not since she didn’t know why Hatake and Alan got together to create TXM7. Which is funny since it seems like the significance of the show seems to be the relationship between Alan and Julia (“Do you know the way to San Jose?”).


As usual with Helix, at the end of the finale we had far more questions than answers…

How did Soren get back to the island? How long had he been there? And so this begs the question: what happened to Kyle?!?!


What happened to Landry and Amy?

It seems that Sergio is really dead. This makes us sad. We want more Mark Ghanime!

What did Julia choose? The cure or death?

By the way, we don’t expect that any of these questions will ever be answered. 


What did you think about the episode? Are there any questions you’d like to add to the mix? Be sure to check out our episode of FEELINGS…with The Geekiary featuring Neil Napier (Peter Farragut) and find out his feelings about the finale and the potential for Season Three.

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