Howlers Rejoice! “Iron Gold” Starts a New Red Rising Trilogy

'Iron Gold' book cover
‘Iron Gold’ book cover

Just when I thought I had emotionally recovered from the events of Morning Star, it was announced today that Pierce Brown is writing a new series following his hugely popular Red Rising trilogy. Iron Gold will lead the way.

This morning, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brown revealed his plan for the next series in the universe. Iron Gold will be the first in a new trilogy centered around Darrow, Mustang, and a whole heap of new protagonists (fitting, as a lot of the old characters were killed off in the original trilogy). Set 10 years after Morning Star, the new series will focus on the after effects of the bloody rebellion and the difficulties in establishing and maintaining what is essentially a new government.

To be honest, I was curious. Not just about what happens to an empire once it has been broken, but what rises from the ashes. What happens to rebels once they take on the mantle of rule. Authority is a pressure cooker of responsibility that twists and hardens. Darrow and Mustang will learn it was easier to throw proverbial Molotov cocktails than it is to govern ten billion souls.

Brown mentions four “heroes” – one of whom is Darrow, one we will recognize, and two brand-new characters. He also talks about how the scope of the new series will be much grander; action in the Red Rising trilogy was limited to a few planets integral to the uprising, but the new series “spans the solar system, weaves in disparate cultures and moons and planets — most of which had to be created from scratch.”

It took me months to get through Morning Star because I wasn’t prepared to deal with everything, and I finally finished it on the plane on my way to San Diego Comic Con. You may remember in my original recommendation for the series, I talked about how I got a copy of Red Rising months before it was released, and thus had no one to talk about it with. So I am 1) extremely happy that the series is doing as well as it is and 2) beyond ecstatic that we’ll be going back to the universe, because I don’t think I was quite ready to leave it.

Iron Gold is set to be released in August 2017 by Random House.

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