Jeffrey Dean Morgan to appear in “Shameless” finale

Image by Ian Smith via Wikimedia Commons
Image by Ian Smith via Wikimedia Commons

For the Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans who were devastated when Magic City was cancelled, fear not for I bring you tidings of great squee!  It was announced last week that he would appear as a guest star in the season finale for the Showtime series Shameless.  He will be playing the manager of a diner which will be Fiona’s new place of employment.  Barring any major bumps in the road, this looks to be shaping into a recurring role for the fifth season and mark his return to Showtime, as he briefly appeared in Weeds as Mary Louise Parker’s on-screen husband.  And while I am over the moon with this announcement and think Morgan’s rugged looks are just the thing for Shameless, I’m filled with some trepidation as well.

My fear with this potential recurring role is that they will take the route most travel when it comes to Fiona and many of her male co-stars: she will sleep with him.  I hope against that this will not be the case and that after the debacle with Mike and Robbie, she will be more cautious.  What I would love more than anything is for this guy to be a stabilizer for Fiona and perhaps something of a father figure.  The reason I say this is that I have this feeling in my gut that the writers will kill off the most Shameless person of the Shameless crew: Frank.  Regardless of whatever issues she has with her father, Fiona will be affected by this.  Perhaps in a moment of grief, she will throw herself at this guy but he will graciously turn her down?  I really hope this will be the case.

This is all speculation, and we’ve still got a way to go before we reach the season finale.  I hope that as we get closer to the finale, we will be teased with more details.  In true Shameless fashion, this guy will probably have a past of his own but maybe have put it behind him, perhaps showing Fiona that the sins of her father do not have to be hers as well?  Whoever he will be, I am over the moon with his addition to this already fantastically cast show and hope that he will stick around, despite being something of the Sean Bean of television.

To the fans of Shameless and of Jeffrey alike, what do you think of this guest appearance?  How do you think the writers will handle his interactions with Fiona?  Comment below with your thoughts and thank you for reading!

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