Johanna Fath Koziol Interview: Author of “The Ivory Carver’s Daughter”


Today I have Johanna Fath Koziol, author of The Ivory Carver’s Daughter, with me. She shared her life story in her book which is quite an interesting read, especially if you are a fan of history. Check out our exclusive interview with her!

What made you decide to become an author, or was it something you always wanted to do?

To hear the title ‘Author’ is so amusing to me. I never ever would have the chutzpah to put myself on the same level of real ‘Authors’ , writers that can twist and turn words, use them playfully and in so many sophisticated ways. (I’d be able to do that in German though!). Yup, I always wrote going through life’s steep ups and downs, curves and abstruse roads. And I wanted to write ‘my’ book especially after many, many people kept telling me that, given my crazy life, I should put it down on paper and have it bound. Life taught me countless – and mostly hard – lessons. Still, it didn’t make me bitter. It seems my heart became ever softer … and bigger if that is even possible. (No adulation here). Not becoming hard, how and why, is the circle (and lesson) that I was trying to ‘bring over’ to readers. History that touches American and European life’s … back when and why it coined me. Readers tell me that they shed a lot of tears and also laughed and giggled….

a2What made you want to share your life with readers through “The Ivory Carver’s Daughter”?

My father’s story and history was the first reason to write. I feared him to death and loved him to pieces. He was such a One Of a Kind. Bigger than life. His laudation was most important to me. That’s why I wrote my book: The Ivory Carver’s Daughter. Also, of course, to tell about how it ‘went down’ after WWII from the eyes of a child when American Officers and Soldiers marched into our family’s and company’s being. I am talking about fashion, giving some hints. I am telling how I raised my son – surely differently than parents here would see it – it might cause some gasps.

Do you have any favorite authors?

Not really. I am gobbling up what I can get my hands on. But when it’s poorly written and has too many typos (proofing that not much love went into this production) I will kick it to the corner too.

What advice can you give to aspiring authors?

Oh yeah! Write! Write where ever you are. Write when you sit on the throne and have a flash of genius. After all, paper is there… isn’t it? Carry a small note book in your purse or the back pocket of your pants. You won’t believe at what awkward occasions you’ll have sudden and wild inspirations. Write them down! Have paper and pencil on your nightstand. As for me? I always have those light bulbs going on (off?) when I am in this wonderful state of coma before I drift away at night. GET UP and write it down. Don’t think you still remember in the morning. Write while you travel, write on napkins, sitting in a restaurant. And then save it! It’ll come in sooo handy when you finally sit down to start your brain child. I saved my ideas and adventures through 30 years.

What do you hope your readers will feel/get after reading your work?

Hm, learn about US/European history. Read and experience European/German customs and practices and children’s upbringings in a totally different environment and culture. Learn ?? How to get through heartbreaks … and more of the same Winking smile, see how to get up, have courage and yes, faith too. Mostly, make peace with YOURSELF. That’s the hardest thing to do, indeed.

Any other up-coming works we should know about?

My creative juices are more going in the direction of producing Videos, Promo Videos for others,funny films, and building web sites. I WROTE MY BOOK – I spit it out – I cried out. And that’s what I set out to do. Nothing more. No more book (besides, it’s awfully hard work, believe me).


Find out more about Johanna Fath Koziol and her work by visiting her website. Her ‘Ancestors’ page is very interesting. She’s also a Promo Video/Slide Show producer. You can also check out some ivory made goodies.

Have you read “The Ivory Carver’s Daughter” yet? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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