Last Twilight 1×06 Review: Episode 6

Anyone wondering why the Last Twilight fandom was all atwitter this past week as we waited for the new episode needs to check out the director’s past body of work. Generally speaking, episode 6s tend to be very good episodes, and luckily Last Twilight Episode 6 continued the tradition. (Also, rooftops.) My heart, it beats. If you didn’t swoon, you’re lying.

I was going to do a double review this week since I was on a plane to Texas during last week’s episode, but I decided to spare you all the word salad and just focus on episode 6. I mean, I’m bad enough with just one episode to review.

It was hard not to find August suspicious after his behavior last week. Ghosting Day for hours and then showing up like nothing had happened was a jerk move, so him being so doting in this week’s episode had me giving him the side eye. Especially after he overheard Day confessing to Mhok that he’d always had a crush on August. I was picking up on the pity, but I thought it was just August feeling guilty that he couldn’t return Day’s feelings. Silly me for not realizing that it was also partly pity because of Day’s disability.

Did anyone believe August’s excuse of a sprained wrist? Mhok certainly called him out on it. Oh, he also happened to leave his phone at the gym? Sure he did. Given that Day mentioned that August was always pulling stunts like that, I’m inclined to believe he was just coming up with an excuse.

One thing I think this episode was trying to do was to show how much effort Mhok has put into learning to accommodate Day. He’s always directing Day where obstacles are, quietly letting him know where his drinks are, subtly guiding him with a hand on his arm. August, on the other hand, makes no effort to do so, despite having multiple opportunities. He fails to alert him when they’re turning during a run. He fails to help him avoid someone at his party.

Also, while I believe we’re meant to find August throwing Day a surprise party a sweet gesture, I was a little unnerved by it. Day mentions that no one had ever thrown him a birthday party before, so clearly this was a big deal. But Day is still adjusting to being around multiple people, and putting him in that situation without giving him a heads-up was rude. Dismissing Mhok without speaking to Day was also rude.

But of course, nothing compares to that kiss. What on Earth possessed August to do that? Who told him that was a good idea? Knowing that Day has feelings for him that he can’t return, I don’t know why he thought kissing him would be a good memory. If he could only give him that one kiss, he shouldn’t have done it.

This is the moment where Day realizes how much August pities him. I mean, it was pretty obvious, considering what August admits when Mhok confronts him. But it isn’t just that; this entire evening just shows how selfish August is. He’s like, “Look at me throwing him a party, look at me being a saint and kissing him.” He gives no consideration to Day’s feelings at all.

(We aren’t going to talk about how Mhok surprises Day with August at the beginning of the episode. Presumably, Mhok thought that Day would want to see August, since he bailed the day before. But I can’t help but remember the second episode, where Night surprised Day with a group of friends. Right now, Day is not a fan of surprise guests.)

I also have to believe that August recognizes that Mhok has feelings for Day and is purposely being a jerk about it. (Oh, I went to buy water and forgot about you, sorry, dude. I’m so sure.) Mostly because I’m of the opinion that bringing someone a slice of cake without giving them a utensil to eat said cake with is an act of war. For me, them’s fighting words.

We got another teasing glimpse of the family dynamics when Mhok gave Day and his mother some space and ran into Night. Last week, Mhok had said something about Night, and Day made some snarky remark about how Night had him fooled, too, and I am dying to know what their relationship was like pre-accident. At this point, I feel like it’s the series’ biggest mystery. Because Night clearly knows that Day has issues with him, but he doesn’t seem to have those same issues. Unless he truly is being manipulative – but we won’t know that until we see what they were like before.

Honestly, I think the most unbelievable part of this episode is that Mhok was apparently unaware of his feelings for Day. I thought we were already there with him. Oh, my good sir, you are in fact the densest man on the face of the planet if you thought anything about the way you’ve been behaving lately has been normal. And if he wasn’t aware of his feelings, then what the hell was he going to say at the end of last week’s episode, when he tried to give Day the sunflower?

Let Mhok give Day the sunflower, for crying out loud! That’s the second time he’s tried and August has ruined it. I know they’re Day’s favorite, but maybe try another flower. Those seem to be cursed.

That outfit check? That was so extra. I appreciate that it’s continuing the trend of these two using touch to communicate, because of how important it is for sightless people to rely on their other senses. But do you really need to be caressing Mhok’s earlobe, Day? No, you do not. But I appreciate it nonetheless. Thank you for your service.

But oh. Oh. That last scene. It’s not only the beauty of an episode 6, it’s an episode 6 combined with a rooftop. Nothing beats a good rooftop scene in a BL. (And that’s the same rooftop from the last episode of Only Friends, so…)

You know we were getting there eventually. I’m not even surprised it happened in this episode, because it’s almost a guarantee at this point that first kisses happen in the episode 5-7 range. But considering what Day just went through, I’m a little shocked Mhok chose that moment to go for it. (That little gulp before he just leaned in – perfection.)

Then again, Day’s little speech about how everyone pitied him now was almost the perfect lead-up for Mhok to go, “Actually, I don’t.” And what better way to prove that than essentially eating Day’s face. Of course, Day is hesitant after what just happened with August, but I think he knew deep down that Mhok was not the type of person to do that. (Whereas August seemingly is.) So Mhok goes in for the second kiss, the one that August shied away from, as proof of his genuineness.

It’s the little moments. I mentioned the fortifying gulp before Mhok leaned in for the initial kiss, but there’s also the way Day carefully puts his hands on Mhok’s waist. And the little nose rub when they break apart.

So now I’m sitting here wondering how aware Day is of his feelings. Because I thought we were all on the same page until Porjai hit Mhok with the feelings truck. And Day has definitely given indications that he feels something for Mhok as well. He seemed legitimately disappointed that instead of just having dinner with Mhok, people threw him a birthday party. But then he went for a second kiss with August, so now I am questioning everything.

Throughout the entire episode, Mhok seems to be excluding himself from Day’s life. He doesn’t have dinner with Day and his mother. He hangs back when Day and August go running. He doesn’t stick around for the surprise party, despite playing a role in getting Day there in the first place. It’s like he’s unsure of his place in Day’s life now that he’s starting to reinsert himself into his old relationships.

And I think Day telling Mhok that people didn’t like him before is just as much about reassuring Mhok as it is to show how much people pity him now. None of these people would have thrown him a birthday party before, but now that he’s blind he has all these people who want to help him and be his friend.

All this to say that things are about to get good, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet. After all, there’s miles of difference between, “I don’t pity you” and “I’m in love with you”.

Author: Jamie Sugah

Jamie has a BA in English with a focus in creative writing from The Ohio State University. She self-published her first novel, The Perils of Long Hair on a Windy Day, which is available through Amazon. She is currently an archivist and lives in New York City with her demon ninja vampire cat. She covers television, books, movies, anime, and conventions in the NYC area.

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