Wandee Goodday 1×08 Review: Episode 8

Y’all, I am shooketh. After the way last week’s episode ended, I wasn’t sure what this show could do to further surprise me. But Wandee Goodday is apparently just getting started. From a much-needed confrontation to a wedding proposal, this episode delivered. At least on some things.

Trigger Warning: This review of Wandee Goodday Episode 8 contains discussions of attempted sexual assault.

I was assuming that, now that the first kiss is out of the way, Dee and Yak would be basically eating each other’s faces off. Please don’t do this to me again, Dee. My heart can’t take it. I thought kissing was an unlockable skill; turns out it was a cut scene. How are you still on your “no kissing” rule? (Is it because deep down, you still think that this is all fake, despite all evidence to the contrary?)

But at least these two can communicate when it counts. Dee reiterates that he no longer has any feelings for Ter, Yak immediately gives Dee the necklace back, and both apologize for their role in their argument and breakup. I’m not sure how much I buy Dee’s excuse that a doctor shouldn’t look beat up, though. Seems fake. Let’s see if he changes his tune as Dr. Douchebag continues to ignore his boundaries.

Let’s talk about Ter. I’m not sure if this man is delusional or what. He totally does need to talk to Kao. After getting punched in the face and Dee leaving their trip “early” (or on time, as remember Ter extended it without Dee’s knowledge or consent), this man still rolls up to Dee and asks him to be his date to prom the hospital’s anniversary ball. Dee turns him down, but he persists. 

Despite what 1980s rom-coms may have led you to believe, persistence in the face of open disinterest is not cute, it is creepy. Ter is completely ignoring Dee’s repeated refusals because now that he’s figured out his feelings, that’s all he cares about. He isn’t listening to what Dee wants. Even after Dee outright shuts him down (even using Ter’s “too vanilla” excuse), Ter insists that he’ll keep trying.

When it looks like Yak well and truly isn’t going to show up to the ball, Ter abandons his date to play hero to Dee (even though Dee told him no). So when Yak shows up at the last minute, and Ter turns around to discover his date is gone, I couldn’t help but cheer. Vindication!

Speaking of creeps who can’t take a hint, wow, Ohm really turned out to be a predator, didn’t he? The first red flag is that he waited until he and Taem were in his car to start hitting on her. He said it was because he wanted to speak to her privately, but they were literally just alone in the student council room. But no, let’s get into an enclosed space and do this. At least they weren’t driving.

Then he touches her without her consent, and follows her when she leaves the car. Also, let’s not forget his assumption – with no proof – that she joined the student council to get closer to him. He grabs her a couple of times, and tries to silence her when she shouts for help. Luckily Yak shows up, punches him in the face, and stays there while Taem calls the authorities.

I’m not sure why they went this route with Ohm. I have to wonder if it was to keep the option of Taem for Yak, to continue to play into Dee’s insecurities. But I think it’s pretty obvious that Yak’s behavior has indicated that Taem was never a serious challenger. His words may have said otherwise, but come on. That boy was one hundred percent gone for Dee basically from the beginning. It was never really a contest.

Of course, this does show what a walking green flag Yak is. Aside from the fact that he’s pushing himself well out of his comfort zone for Dee just by attending the ball in the first place, he not only consents to trying on costumes, but he also learns how to dance. And while I know Dee was sweating as to whether or not he’d show up, I think it’s admirable that Yak went to rescue a friend in need. Yes, it was Taem, and there are some feelings there (allegedly), but given the situation Taem was in, it’s hard to fault Yak for his assistance.

OK, now we’re going to skip over to Yei and Cher. First, I really appreciate that Yei and Yak made up. Next, learning that their father skipped town and started a new family explains a lot about not only their dynamic, but their other relationships as well. We also got yet another confirmation that the gym is in financial trouble. I’ve still not forgotten that scene with the shady guys; that surely will come back to haunt us at some point in these last four episodes.

But naturally, we have to talk about the proposal scene. Leave it to Wandee Goodday, a show made by the person who put the marriage equality bill forward in the first place, to be the first to address it after it passed. And with Yei and Cher, who are the most married non-married couple ever. The two of them just casually being like, “we should get married” was great, but of course, Cher wants a proposal, and his ever-obliging boyfriend obliges.

It was a very simple, heartfelt scene. Yei doesn’t even have a real ring, but they pretend. And well done on Fluke and Thor, who were both teary-eyed throughout. I do hope they give us the wedding in the show.

I’m sorry, did you think we were leaving without discussing that ending? Surely not! After an episode where it looked like Yak was going to flake, and we learned that Dee is still half-convinced that Yak will peace out at the end of four months, when Dee is still clinging to the “fake” by his fingernails… After all of this, Yak confesses to Dee that he’s in love with him. When I tell you I screamed, I am not kidding. I was honestly not expecting that so soon!

Talk about a 1980s rom-com. This felt like a Pretty in Pink moment. Yak showing up in the nick of time, the two of them looking dapper in their matching suits, the way Yak kept pulling Dee closer while they danced. And then for Yak to lean in and whisper how he’s pretty sure he loves Dee, when I totally thought he was going to make another dirty joke? Perfection. These two will be the death of me.

However, it is hard to ignore the giant clock behind them, implying that time is running out.

Author: Jamie Sugah

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