‘Lucifer’ Season 4 Dropped on Netflix and It’s a Significant Emotional Event

Lucifer Season 4 c/o Netflix

When Lucifer was picked up by Netflix it seemed like – well, not to be too on the nose, but it was like an answered prayer. The #SaveLucifer campaign actually paid off! Now, though, fans who are marathoning Lucifer Season 4 might be wondering if they were really ready for the high stakes, character-driven storytelling that’s become Netflix’s signature. This season is intense.

Note: Spoilers for Lucifer through Season 3 but only a very few minor spoilers for Lucifer Season 4.

The end of Season 3 was a major cliffhanger. Cliffhangers have become a dangerous habit of showrunners whose series haven’t been confirmed for another season, and for a little while there it looked like it had bitten Warner Bros. TV right in the butt. In the final moments Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) had just seen Lucifer’s devil face. After three seasons of dismissing the possibility that Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) was exactly who he’d been saying he was, she had no choice but to believe. That was a dangerous game when we knew there might not be a Lucifer Season 4 to wrap things up.

We would have been left wondering how Decker took it forever.

Netflix stepped in at the last minute – literally. The deal was closed just before the actors would be free to do other projects. Now we’ve been given the entirety of Lucifer Season 4 to binge, and it is killer. Check out the trailer:

This season feels very much like a distillation of the show we know and love. With only ten episodes, there’s no real filler or “monster of the week” episodes. Every minute, even the comedic breaks and Decker’s cases, is part of the overall story arc. It pulls you in from the moment Lucifer opens the season with a moody rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep”.

Side note: in case you forgot, Tom Ellis is an incredible singer. We’ve heard Lucifer before and he’s always worth a listen, but this version of “Creep” was so good I was tempted to check IMDb to see if maybe they’d used a stunt voice. Ellis told Collider that the song was his idea and it’s a good one. It exactly captures the angst Lucifer is feeling while he waits for Decker’s reaction to his true face.

There’s one difference I want to caution fans about. Without giving too much away, Lucifer Season 4 feels a little relentless at times (in a good way!). Those “monster of the week” episodes you get in longer seasons might seem like filler, but they provide a little breathing space between Seasonal Story Arc events. You don’t get that with Netflix shows. You might need to take more breaks than normal – or you might need to watch the whole thing in one long day. Just be aware you’ll want to pace yourself.

Also, the first episode puts something into motion that may divide viewers heavily, but on reflection seems like exactly what the character would do in an extraordinary situation. That doesn’t make it any easier on fans. At one point I was screaming at my screen, so just… be ready for that.

Despite the intensity, the season isn’t too heavy to casually enjoy. That’s the truly impressive part about Lucifer Season 4: how seamlessly it flows from the previous seasons. It is a little more concentrated, but we didn’t lose any of the distinctive Lucifer feel despite switching outlets. If you were holding back from watching because you’re worried whether it’s the Real Deal, relax. Grab some snacks and settle in.

Just don’t blame me when you finish because I’m right there looking for Season 5, too.

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