Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×208 Review – “Momoshiki’s Manifestation”

Momoshiki's Manifestation boruto anime episode 208 review
Boroshiki in “Momoshiki’s Manifestation” – Boruto Anime Episode 208 (Image: Screengrab)

The latest episode of the Boruto anime, titled ‘Momoshiki’s Manifestation’, showed Boroshiki’s power and provided us with a good amount of information about the Kara organization.

‘Momoshiki’s Manifestation’ picked up from right where we left Team 7 and Boro in the previous episode. With Boruto being possessed by Momoshiki and transforming into the Boroshiki form, it was incredibly satisfying to see Boro getting dealt with in a snap. Boroshiki’s on a different power level and Boruto’s teammates couldn’t do anything but watch in silence as Momoshiki used our young hero’s body to display impressive speed and strength.

Even though Boro lost his incredibly fast regenerative ability, Boroshiki still needed a way to obliterate every cell in his body. I liked seeing Boroshiki deciding to extract some chakra from an unconscious Naruto to create a massive Rasengan. Such a scene showed that even if Boruto’s taken over by Momoshiki, the troublesome Otsutsuki couldn’t give Boruto a chakra boost. Manga fans know that such type of limitation related to Boruto’s body running out of chakra is something that will come into play down the line.

Another thing we, and the rest of Team 7, got to learn was that while in his Boroshiki form, Boruto couldn’t remember what happened. Furthermore, the Boroshiki form was also able to heal the injuries Boruto got while fighting Boro.

Talking about injuries, I liked how Mitsuki was the first to get back on his feet. Due to how Orochimaru created him, it made sense for Mitsuki’s body to heal faster. On the other hand, Salad (a normal human being) was unable to get up while Boroshiki was attacking Boro. Surprisingly, Kawaki (even though he’s a cyborg) didn’t fare well either. Both Salad and Kawaki had to be hospitalized after bringing Naruto back to the Hidden Leaf Village. Oh! And Naruto’s hospitalized, too.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the manga didn’t have Naruto stay unconscious for two days as the anime team did. I remember that Sasuke (after getting his injuries treated by Sakura) and Naruto were able to return to normal after their fight with Jigen in the manga. Not only that, a couple of episodes back, we got to know that Jigen needed ten days to recover after his battle with these two. From what I remember, Jigen only needed a couple of days to recover in the manga.

With the Boruto anime series getting ready to offer us anime-only content (starting from next week’s episode), I think certain characters are going through longer recovery periods to give the writers more time to explore some interesting narrative arcs before a crucial event from the manga is adapted. In a sense, I’m okay with such a creative decision. The manga’s a bit too fast and sacrifices certain character-heavy moments to keep the ball rolling.

Momoshiki's Manifestation Boruto anime episode 208 review
Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, Shikamaru, and Team 7 sharing their reports in “Momoshiki’s Manifestation” – Boruto Anime Episode 208 (Image: Screengrab)

“Momoshiki’s Manifestation” showed Sasuke, Shikamaru, Sai, and Team 7 gathering in Naruto’s hospital room to share mission reports. I liked how the anime gave us some important information. Our heroes now know a lot more about the Kara organization and what Jigen might be planning. The scene where Sasuke felt proud of Salad being able to use the Chidori against Boro made me smile. She’s on the right track to becoming a formidable ninja and future Hokage candidate.

A thing I didn’t like though was Shikamaru’s consistent suspicion toward Kawaki. I understood where he’s coming from. Of course, I too would ask Kawaki about the abilities of different Kara members so the Hidden Leaf Village could prepare accordingly. But I think Shikamaru basically yelling at Kawaki, every chance he gets, and saying he doesn’t trust him in front of everyone isn’t helping matters. Shikamaru needs to be smarter in his approach. Right now, I’m seeing a lot of frustration from him and not enough strategy. Even Naruto told him to calm down a bit.

Another change the anime episode made dealt with Salad and Mitsuki telling Sasuke about Boruto turning into Boroshiki. In the manga, it was Mitsuki who had this particular conversation with Sasuke. However, I appreciated Salad being involved, too. She’s the Captain of Team 7 and Boruto’s childhood friend. She should play a part in serious matters concerning Boruto’s Karma Mark so she can find a way to look after him. Here’s a way the anime finds more ways to incorporate her in the main story because she and Mitsuki have unfortunately been sidelined in the manga.

Also, Mitsuki has no chill when it comes to sharing his feelings toward Boruto. He didn’t hesitate for a second to tell Sasuke how he always keeps a close eye on Boruto and knows when something changes in his behavior. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to feel bad if Boruto doesn’t reciprocate Mitsuki’s feelings when they grow older. I highly doubt Boruto and Mitsuki will end up together. However, I’m quite interested in learning more about the anime writers have planned for my little queer snake boy. He deserves to be happy.

Manga readers know this week’s episode should have included a scene where Sakura tells Salad to rest if she wants to grow stronger to protect Boruto. However, the anime writers decided to not adapt those panels. Instead, we had Sasuke telling Salad to rest while he was talking to her and Mitsuki about Boruto’s predicament. While I’m a huge Sakura fan, I’m okay with the writers taking a different route. Even though we didn’t get that particular scene between Sakura and Salad, Sakura still showed up in this episode to monitor Naruto and Sasuke’s health. Sakura has an entire hospital to run. She can read important mission reports later.    

Coming to Kawaki, while Shikamaru’s not shy about giving him the side-eye, at least, Kawaki’s making friends with the rest of the young ninjas, including Shikamaru’s son. I smiled when Shikadai and Inojin showed up at the hospital with a bag of Taiyaki for Kawaki as a thank you for helping rescue Naruto. Kawaki needs friends around him and I’m so here for him and Shikadai growing closer. Seeing Kawaki being excited about eating a custard-filled Taiyaki (because Salad recommended said flavor during a past episode) made me laugh. Also, kudos to Chocho for suggesting Inojin and Shikadai buy a bunch of Taiyaki for Kawaki. Chocho does receive some backlash from certain fans because of her personality, but I like her a lot.

Another important Kawaki scene involved Sumire. The anime has been doing a good job of showing those two building a relationship. Both were used as weapons of destruction as children. Sumire was able to break free and find a new purpose in her life through Boruto’s help. And now it’s Kawaki’s turn. I smiled when he allowed himself to be vulnerable in front of her to ask for painkillers. Knowing Kawaki’s feelings toward needles, seeing Sumire administer the painkillers was a huge moment for him.

Other thoughts and questions:

  • Boroshiki’s voice being a mix of Boruto and Momoshiki’s vocals was a nice touch. Done right, animated adaptations can take manga content to new heights.
  • With Boroshiki having a Byakugan, I wonder when the Jogan will show up in the anime again.
  • I enjoyed seeing Sasuke connecting the dots after listening to the information he received. He got really close to the truth when he theorized how Jigen is also a Vessel for a mysterious Otsutsuki.
  • While Boruto displayed a positive demeanor in front of his family and friends at the hospital, I want the anime to take some time to show Boruto being concerned about Momoshiki living inside of him and how he’s not “normal” anymore.
  • Looks like the Naruto-chakra-infused prosthetic arm is being rejected by the scientific modifications inside Kawaki’s body. I think that helps explain why Kawaki’s body wasn’t healing or functioning the way it was supposed to. No wonder that boy wanted painkillers. It’s kind of tragic that Kawaki wants to be closer to Naruto, but his augmented body can’t fully accept Naruto’s chakra.

As you can see, a lot happened in this week’s episode. What did you think of “Momoshiki’s Manifestation”?

Let us know.

PS – Due to a particular question I read on Quora, I decided to draw how a friendly match between Sakura (Haruno) Uchiha and Sai Yamanaka would go. Check it out!

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