Motherland: Fort Salem 2×06 Review: “My 3 Dads”

Motherland: Fort Salem: “My 3 Dads”

Homecomings and revelations abound as the conflict between witches and the Camarilla escalates in “My 3 Dads.”

After a wild Halloween in “Brianna’s Favorite Pencil,” it’s time for a homecoming in “My 3 Dads”. While much of the episode contains emotional moments and new revelations, it ends on an exciting cliffhanger that officially raises the stakes in the battle with the Camarilla.

As the witches get a much-needed break from War College, Raelle (Taylor Hickson) and Tally (Jessica Sutton) spend their break visiting Raelle’s father Edwin (Hrothgar Mathews). While Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) is very much missed in the Bellweather unit dynamic, it’s enjoyable to watch Raelle and Tally bond with each other and Raelle’s father outside of the pressures of the army. The episode sheds some light on Raelle’s life before the army, most notably allowing Raelle to reveal her musical talents. The impromptu song is a nice moment of levity and allows Hickson to show off her vocal skills.

Raelle also spends the visit dealing with the emotional fallout of her mother Willa’s (Diana Pavlovska) apparent ghosting of her, still not realizing that her mother is in fact alive. In an emotional series of conversations with Edwin and Willa’s war friend, Raelle learns more about Willa while eventually admitting her guilt over a fight that occurred right before Willa ‘died’. Edwin has a great moment with Raelle, as he assures her that Willa always loved her. The moments between Raelle and her father were as emotionally resonant as the ones between Raelle and Tally and both are highlights of this episode.

Meanwhile, Abigail goes home with Adil (Tony Giroux), but their plan to extract blood from her cousin’s remains in order to track the Camarilla is delayed by an attempt by her three fathers to find her a suitor. The moments between Abigail, Adil, Abigail’s fathers, and the table of suitors are awkward and one of the weaker parts of the episode. It culminates in Abigail standing up to her mother, Petra (Catherine Lough Haggquist) and finding surprising support from her grandmother, Minerva (Liza Huget). Abigail’s determination to form her own path this season has been exciting to watch and Minerva’s speech in support of her granddaughter is also a great moment.

Motherland: Fort Salem” “My 3 Dads”

“My 3 Dads” marks, at least for now, the end of the unlikely alliance between Scylla (Amalia Holm) and Anacostia (Demetria McKinney), as the two disagree on what to do with Tiffany (Ava Marchfelder), the young girl they saved from the Camarilla in the previous episode. Scylla ultimately gets her way after knocking out Anacostia and taking Tiffany to Willa, but it’s unfortunate to see the two once again at odds as their tentative partnership has been a highlight of the season.

While the conflict between the two is understandable, hopefully, the two will be able to overcome their differences and team up once again in the future.

Scylla also teams up with Willa in this episode to continue their fight against the Camarilla. Willa uses her powers on Tiffany to discover that the Camarilla have been placing witch-identified kids in cages at a veterinary hospital. Watching the two work together to fight their way through the hospital is an exciting sequence, but they find that they are too late. However, they discover that the Camarilla have set their sights on Raelle. This is not surprising given Raelle’s new ability but will hopefully bring forth the long-awaited reunions between the two women and Raelle soon.

The biggest revelation involves the mysterious Nicte (Arlen Aguayo-Stewart), as it’s revealed that she is alive, the founder of the spree, and determined to get revenge on General Alder (Lyne Renee). The interesting revelation shows a different branch of the Spree than the one Willa and Scylla are a part of and puts Alder’s life in jeopardy as Nicte launches a remote attack on her. While there is still most likely more to learn about the fallout between Alder and Nicte, the inevitable confrontation between the two will be exciting to watch.

“My 3 Dads” culminates in an exciting cliffhanger as the Camarilla attack Raelle’s home, tranquilizing her, Tally, and the witches assigned by Alder to keep an eye on Raelle. Tally can only watch as the Camarilla take Raelle away, and it appears that the fight between the Camarilla and witches will finally start to escalate. With Raelle now in Camarilla custody, it will be exciting to see the rest of the cast hopefully come together and put aside their differences to stop the Camarilla and save Raelle.

As the recent Comic-Con panel reiterated, this season has been building to a massive conflict, new revelations, and long-awaited reunions. Fingers crossed the season’s four remaining episodes will deliver.

Author: Jessica Wolff

Jessica Wolff is a graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Film/Video. She has a passion for entertainment and representation in entertainment. She currently resides outside of Washington, DC.


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