Motherland: Fort Salem 3×06 Review: “Book Club”

Book Club
Raelle (Taylor Hickson) in “Book Club.”

The unit goes their separate ways for some emotional reunions as the Camarilla gears up for a Cession invasion in “Book Club” (Motherland: Fort Salem Season 3 Episode 6).

Thankfully, Alder (Lyne Renee) is still alive after her collapse at the end of “Cession in Session,” but needs the Mycelium to heal. “Book Club” sees the unit go separate ways, with lots of heartfelt reunions being the primary highlights. Abigail (Ashley Nicole Williams) and Adil (Tony Giroux) return to Fort Salem with Alder so she can heal, Tally (Jessica Sutton) reunites with her mother May (Jillian Fargey), and Scylla (Amalia Holm) travels with Edwin (Hrothgar Mathews) as they attempt to reunite with Raelle (Taylor Hickson).

The episode opens as Alban (Bob Frazer) reports to President Silver (Victor Webster) and Kara (Emilie Ullerup) about Alder’s return. Upon learning that the Cession’s council hasn’t returned the unit to them, Silver and Kara realize that they can use the broken treaty as a rationale to invade the Cession.

The episode provides more glimpses at the Camarilla’s attempts to suppress witches, including forcing them to wear red collars to both identify themselves and suppress their work. It’s hard to ignore the real-life parallels of the Camarilla’s actions, though the impending invasion is the most pressing issue that must be dealt with.

Tally visits her mother, finding her under constant Camarilla surveillance. The reunion is surprisingly sweet, particularly due to the tension between Tally and May over Tally joining the army back when we last saw May in season one. Even more surprising, May and her friends’ weekly book club is actually a cover story for a discreet resistance group against the Camarilla.

Upon finding out the true nature of the book club, Tally goes with them on their mission and helps to burn a warehouse full of red collars. Though the mission makes a tiny impact on the Camarilla’s effort, it is fun to watch and renews both Tally’s spirit and her relationship with her mother.

Meanwhile, Scylla and Edwin attempt to contact Raelle as they travel back to Edwin’s home. They manage to speak to Raelle momentarily, but Willa (Diana Pavlovska) cuts off the heartwarming reunion from inside the Mycelium. Upon hearing Willa’s voice, Scylla must explain to Edwin and Quinn (Sandra Ferens) the truth about Willa’s initial faked death and her own Spree involvement. Edwin is surprisingly not too upset about either revelation, as his only focus is to get Raelle back.

With Quinn’s help, the three summon Willa and ask her for Raelle’s release. The reunion between Willa and Edwin is heartbreaking, as is Scylla’s declaration that she can’t go on without Raelle. The group can’t change Willa’s mind, who insists that Raelle must stay in the Mycelium for her protection. The emotional storyline is capped off with a touching conversation between Scylla and Edwin where he tells her that he doesn’t care about her past as her present love for Raelle matters more to him.

Edwin (Hrothgar Mathews) and Scylla (Amalia Holm) in “Book Club.”

Back at Fort Salem, Abigail, Adil, and Alder see that the Camarilla have taken over the base and that it is no longer a safe place for witches. The three reunite with Petra (Catherine Lough Haggquist), Izadora (Emilie Leclerc), and Anacostia (Demetria McKinney). The reunions between both Abigail and Petra and Alder and Izadora are definite highlights, and it’s great to see Anacostia once again reunited with most of the rest of the cast.

While Abigail is shocked to find Penelope (Mellany Barros) alive, though not quite fully human, the mission is a success as Alder is able to reconnect with the Mycelium. “Book Club” ends on a high note as Alder returns once again to Fort Salem, evading the Camarilla, to provide hope to the young witches while reconnecting with Petra in a united front.

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Author: Jessica Wolff

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