Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×5 Review: The Mysterious Transfer Student

Boruto episode 5 review The Mysterious Transfer Student Shino

This week’s episode of Boruto, titled “The Mysterious Transfer Student” had Mitsuki join the Ninja Academy and showed more people infected by a shadowy being.

Shino needs to do better as a teacher and that’s what “The Mysterious Transfer” student focused on. I wasn’t expecting the writers to do so but I’m glad because it means that Shino’s ineptitude when it came to teaching his class served a purpose.

Shino has never been a character that had a presence in the Naruto franchise and that’s what set him apart from the rest. Boruto seems to be doing the same thing by making the students comment that even though he’s their teacher he doesn’t exude authority. They still respect him but Shino trying way too hard isn’t sitting well with his class.

I liked Shino’s conversation with Kurenai. She told him to win his students by being true to himself. He did that but his plan backfired again. It also doesn’t help Shino that his class is full of troublemakers including Boruto, Shikadai, Inojin, Iwabe, Denki, and now Mitsuki.

While we didn’t get to know more about the shadowy figure we do see its influence contaminating other ninjas. The first victim was a person who failed during his time at the ninja academy, the second was a ninja working on repairing the school, and the third was Shino. With Shino being contaminated I want the grown-ups to intervene already. It’s weird that Boruto, Shikadi, and Inojin know that people are acting strangely due to mysterious reasons and they still haven’t told their parents yet. Even Konohamaru felt something wasn’t right and that’s why he should’ve told Naruto about it already.

The anime is trying to make viewers think that Mitsuki has something to do with the shadowy figure. However, if you’re someone who has read the manga you’d know that chances of Mitsuki being the villain are slim to none. There seems to be some powerful force at play and I hope it reveals itself soon.

The fight sequences in “The Mysterious Transfer Student” showed off Mitsuki’s taijutsu and ninjutsu skills. His snake-like movements make him tough to attack and he knows wind and lightning styles. Salad also played a role in the final fight but I wish she becomes part of the main group instead of tagging along with Boruto whenever the writers feel like it.

Did you watch Boruto this week? What did you think of “The Mysterious Transfer Student”? Let us know.

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