Nerdgasm at the Calgary Expo

One of my favorite spectator sports is watching celebrities squee over each other. Jennifer Lawrence was adorable at the Oscars, with her face in a perpetual state of fangirl shock. Get James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender in a room together (or Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, or Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron, or Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto…) and watch them each fall over each other to sing the other’s praises. And then there are conventions, when a good chunk of our nerdy icons get jammed into a building together for a long weekend while surrounded by cameras.

Speaking of which, Calgary Expo was last weekend.

MC just MC

Misha Collins, of Supernatural fame, laid down the gauntlet early on. Anyone who has been following either of them on Twitter for any length of time will know that Misha has a casual bromance going on with Stan Lee. But John Barrowman?

Barrowman is, of course, best known in fandom circles for playing Captain Jack Harkness on the BBC show Doctor Who. While Doctor Who has no official affiliation with Supernatural, there exists a surprisingly strong meta-fandom for SuperWhoLock (a crossover of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BBC Sherlock). SuperWhoLock fans can be a wee bit obsessive about any link between the three shows, so the prospect of getting Castiel and Captain Jack in the same photograph may have caused a few fannish meltdowns.

But John Barrowman, true to his character’s nature, proved to be promiscuous in his fanboying. Here he is looking pleased as punch to be meeting Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride:

JB and TWD

And here he is with Karl Urban, who let’s just say looks somewhat scarier in person than as Leonard McCoy:

JB and KU

He even got a very cute picture with Nathan Fillion (who will always and forever be Captain Malcolm Reynolds), complete with invitation for his followers to write fanfic. Captain/Captain? I think we can handle that.

JB and NF

But Misha Collins was not about to be outdone. While Barrowman’s picture with Fillion looks like the start to a cute date, Collins’s picture with him looks like they’re introducing themselves right before airing their sex tape.

MC and NF

Finally, the two met. Apparently in a parking garage of some sort. Where they proceeded to do the tango. Speaking of fanfic…

JB and MC

Misha originally posted that picture on his twitter with this text:

MC on JB

The meeting appeared to have left an impression on Barrowman.

JB on MC

And it even started up some speculation about Barrowman joining Collins on Supernatural, which Barrowman himself was only too happy to encourage.


The only tragedy of the weekend? If Misha got Stan Lee to sign his butt, it appears that photo evidence does not exist.

(Tweets and pictures taken from @mishacollins, @Team_Barrowman, @sara_smile, and @rekk38.)

Author: Christina Kim

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